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What is a Pre-Employment Assessment?

A pre-hire assessment or a pre-employment assessment is a test that candidates complete as part of the job application process. Pre-employment tests are an objective and standardized way of collecting data about a candidate’s skillset during the hiring process. Using a valid assessment that tests for on-the-job skills is an effective way for employers to determine which applicants are qualified for a particular role and prioritize them for interviews.


The Programming tests are designed to test for on-the-job skills like the ability to solve problems, write code to add new functionality, spot and fix bugs etc.

Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence and data science tests are focused on testing a candidate's ability to use their knowledge of probability & statistics and popular libraries to analyze data, build models and derive insights.


The IT assessment tests are designed with scenario based questions to help you identiy qualified IT candidates across all technologies and seniority levels.


DevOps tests are designed for roles like DevOps Engineers, system administrators and support engineers. They evaluate a candidate's ability to use DevOps tools to support your company's infrastructure and their understanding of DevOps lifecycle.


Psychometric testing can help you to predict a job applicant’s behavior patterns, attitudes, mental reasoning, and personality type. In psychology, the Big 5 personality test is regarded as the gold standard of personality analytics due to it's strong scientific backing. It is the only psychometric test to achieve a scientific consensus.

Cognitive Ability

Pre-employment aptitude tests assess qualities critical to most jobs, problem-solving, critical thinking, attention to detail and the ability to learn and apply new information quickly. Cognitive aptitude is the single most accurate predictor of job performance.

Accounting/ Finance

Accounting and finance pre-employment tests focus on identifying candidates who have strong fundamentals of accounting principles, key ratios and financial statement analysis.


Typing tests assess candidates' typing speed and accuracy to determine their suitability for roles that require proficient typing skills.


Language proficiency tests evaluate candidates' ability to communicate effectively in a specific language, ensuring they meet the language requirements for a business role.

Role Specific

Pre-employment tests for product roles like product designer, product manager, product owner etc.


Why is pre-employment testing important?

Resume screenings and unstructured pre-interview calls are ineffective predictors of job performance. This is because recruiters and hiring managers often judge candidates based on subjective criteria because of sub-concious biases. A well-designed test is an objective measure of candidate's skillsets.

Why do employers use pre-employment tests?

An assessment test is designed to help employers screen candidates in the initial stages of the hiring process. Assessment tests helps save employers time when hiring and ensure they interview and hire only qualified employees.

How do I pick a pre-employment testing vendor?

With 100+ assessment tools on the market, choosing the best pre-employment test for your company is not an easy task. The most important thing to consider when choosing a vendor is the quality and relevance of questions. Make sure the questions library of the assessment vendor has high-quality, non-googleable relevant questions. Other factors to consider are coverage of skills, ease of use, proctoring features, enterprise readiness, integrations with your workflow and candidate feedback.

At what stage is it recommended to use a pre-employment test?

The important thing to keep in mind is that an assessment is an elimination tool, not a selection tool. A skills assessment is optimized to help you eliminate candidates who are not qualified for the role, it is not optimized to help you find the best candidate for the role. The ideal way to use an assessment is to decide a threshold score (we help you benchmark) and invite all candidates who score above the threshold for the next rounds of interview. So, it is most beneficial to use a pre-employment test at the initial stages of your hiring process.

Can I combine multiple skills into one custom assessment?

Yes. For popular combination of skills we have ready-to-use tests. You can also request custom assessments for any combination of skills your role might require. Our subject matter experts willl design a custom test by selecting the most relevant questions for the role from our library of 15000+ questions and make the test live in your dashboard within 48 hours.

How long is the assessment test?

At Adaface, we believe that a screening test should be 45 minutes or shorter. A 45 minute test can collect enough information about a candidate's qualifications for the role, and it is short enough for the candidates to complete it even on weekdays and move to the next stage of the hiring process quickly. Studies have shown that tests longer than 45 minutes have significantly lower test taking rates.
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