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About the test:

The AWS online assessment test evaluates candidates for the ability to deploy, manage and scale virtual servers (with services like EC2 and ECS), operate and scale storage services (with services like S3, RDS and DynamoDB), and manage application traffic flow (with services like Route 53 and CloudFront).

Covered skills:

  • Elastic compute cloud (EC2; EKS)
  • Identity and access management (IAM)
  • Elastic load balancing and auto-scaling
  • Block and file storage (S3; EBS; EFS)
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9 reasons why
9 reasons why

Adaface AWS Online Assessment Test is the most accurate way to shortlist AWS Developers

Reason #1

Tests for on-the-job skills

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Online test helps recruiters and hiring managers identify qualified candidates from a pool of resumes. The test screens candidates for the typical AWS skills hiring managers look for:

  • Designing and building multi-tier web architectures with Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) and AWS Route 53
  • Creating Docker container clusters on Amazon Elastic Container Services (ECS)
  • Storing block and file data with maximum performance using EBS and EFS: operations, troubleshooting, metrics and RAID
  • Storing big data with S3 and DynamoDB in a scalable and secure manner
  • Setting up geographically redundant database services with Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) - Security, Backup, Snapshots, Performance, Metrics, Troubleshooting, Scalability
  • Configuring Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPC), subnets, and route tables
  • Setting up serverless event-driven AWS Lambda functions with Amazon API gateway
  • Experience with AWS CLI: CLI setup, usage on EC2, best practices and SDK
  • Securing AWS services: Identity and access management, MFA, Default Encryption, Policies, Access Logs, CloudFront
  • Monitoring, Troubleshooting & Audit: AWS CloudWatch, CloudTrail

The test reduces the administrative overhead of interviewing too many candidates and saves expensive engineering time by filtering out unqualified candidates.

Reason #2

No trick questions

Traditional assessment tools use trick questions and puzzles for the screening, which creates a lot of frustration among candidates about having to go through irrelevant screening assessments.

The main reason we started Adaface is that traditional pre-employment assessment platforms are not a fair way for companies to evaluate candidates. At Adaface, our mission is to help companies find great candidates by assessing on-the-job skills required for a role.

Why we started Adaface ->
Reason #3

Non-googleable questions

We have a very high focus on the quality of questions that test for on-the-job skills. Every question is non-googleable and we have a very high bar for the level of subject matter experts we onboard to create these questions. We have crawlers to check if any of the questions are leaked online. If/ when a question gets leaked, we get an alert. We change the question for you & let you know.

These are just a small sample from our library of 10,000+ questions. The actual questions on this Amazon Web Services (AWS) Test will be non-googleable.

🧐 Question


Data Microservices
Slapchat deployed a new data processing application to the market. The backend part of the application does two specific segments:

- For every new data file submitted by the user, proprietary data cleanup logic is done
- Once data cleanup is complete, proprietary data transformations are done
After launching the application for few months, the metrics indicated that the clean up stage of the application is pretty quick while transformation stage takes longer time to complete. In the next phase, the application is being re-written as 2 microservices (’cleanup’ and ‘transformation’). The deployment strategy is to run both on ECS and scale independently. How should the services be integrated?
A: ‘cleanup’ publishes data to SNS topic, ‘transformation’ subscribes to the SNS topic

B: ‘cleanup’ sends data to S3 bucket, ‘transformation’ is invoked by S3 event notifications

C: ‘cleanup’ sends data to SQS queue, ‘transformation’ processes messages from the queue

D: ‘cleanup’ sends data to Kinesis Data Firehose, ‘transformation’ reads from the Kinesis Data Firehose


Downtime and Workload
ChickTok is a dating app that runs on EC2 behind an ALB. The EC2 instances run in an EC2 Auto Scaling group across multiple AZ. On every Saturday night, the app becomes atleast 5 times slower. Upon investigation, it is found that the CPU utilization reaches 100% within a matter of seconds instead of being a gradual increment. This is happening due to a batch core dating algorithm update that happens on every Saturday 9PM. 
ChickTok wants a solution that

- Tackles the extra workload
- Avoids downtime
Which of the following would you recommend?


Outdated data in S3
One of your friends, Zi Pong created a new app for their startup. They use Amazon S3 exclusively as a data store. The app works perfectly fine. When one of their users raises the frequency at which the app needs to refresh data, they file a bug. The issue is that sometimes they get outdated data when accessing objects in S3. The app logic is correct. What do you think the issue could be?
A: App is reading objects from Amazon S3 using parallel object requests.
B: App is updating records by writing new objects with unique keys.
C: App is reading parts of objects from Amazon S3 using a range header.
D: App is updating records by overwriting existing objects with the same keys.


Push Notifications
Dynamic DB
AWS Mobile Push
Flowlife is a tips iOS app that is running on AWS with ~10 million users in the US. Users can post tips about a particular place (restaurants, businesses etc) and other users can search for the tips in the app. Flowlife wants to implement location based alerts on their iOS app. Users will receive relevant tips in proximity to their location. For maximum user engagement and relevant tips, the tips must be in the low minute count. Which of the following solutions is cost effective?
🧐 Question🔧 Skill


Data Microservices
2 mins


Downtime and Workload
2 mins


Outdated data in S3
2 mins


Push Notifications
Dynamic DB
AWS Mobile Push
3 mins
🧐 Question🔧 Skill💪 Difficulty⌛ Time
Data Microservices
Medium2 mins
Downtime and Workload
Easy2 mins
Outdated data in S3
Medium2 mins
Push Notifications
Dynamic DB
AWS Mobile Push
Medium3 mins
Reason #4

1200+ customers in 75 countries


With Adaface, we were able to optimise our initial screening process by upwards of 75%, freeing up precious time for both hiring managers and our talent acquisition team alike!

Brandon Lee, Head of People, Love, Bonito

Reason #5

Designed for elimination, not selection

The most important thing while implementing the pre-employment Amazon Web Services (AWS) Test in your hiring process is that it is an elimination tool, not a selection tool. In other words: you want to use the test to eliminate the candidates who do poorly on the test, not to select the candidates who come out at the top. While they are super valuable, pre-employment tests do not paint the entire picture of a candidate’s abilities, knowledge, and motivations. Multiple easy questions are more predictive of a candidate's ability than fewer hard questions. Harder questions are often "trick" based questions, which do not provide any meaningful signal about the candidate's skillset.

Reason #6

1 click candidate invites

Email invites: You can send candidates an email invite to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Test from your dashboard by entering their email address.

Public link: You can create a public link for each test that you can share with candidates.

API or integrations: You can invite candidates directly from your ATS by using our pre-built integrations with popular ATS systems or building a custom integration with your in-house ATS.

Reason #7

Detailed scorecards & comparative results

Reason #8

High completion rate

Adaface tests are conversational, low-stress, and take just 25-40 mins to complete.

This is why Adaface has the highest test-completion rate (86%), which is more than 2x better than traditional assessments.

Reason #9

Advanced Proctoring

How is the test customized for Senior AWS Architects?

The questions focus on advanced topics for senior architects like:

  • Designing strategies to improve the reliability of existing cloud systems- remediate single points of failures, enabling data replication, self-healing, and elastic features.
  • Designing complex network systems: IP addressing strategy for VPCs, DNS strategy, network traffic and security.
  • Scaling database usage with AWS- database query and performance optimization, normalization of data schemes
  • In-Depth Database comparison: RDS, Aurora, DynamoDB, Neptune, ElastiCache, Redshift, ElasticSearch, Athena
  • Analyzing big data with Kinesis Analytics, Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Redshift, RDS, and Aurora
  • AWS integration & messaging services: SQS, SNS, Kinesis
  • AWS Security best practices: KMS, SSM Parameter Store, IAM Policies
  • AWS SDLC services: CICD (CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodePipeline, CodeDeploy), CloudFormation, ECS, Step Functions, SWF, EMR, Glue, OpsWorks, ElasticTranscoder, AWS Organizations, Workspaces, AppSync, Single Sign On (SSO)
  • EC2 For SysOps: Placement Groups, Shutdown Behavior, Troubleshooting, AMI, CloudWatch Metrics
  • SSM - Systems Manager: Manage EC2 at Scale, Automation, Run Command, Secure Shell, Parameter Store
  • High Availability and Scalability: ELB Load Balancers (SysOps), Auto Scaling (SysOps), CloudWatch Metrics
  • EBS & EFS: Operations, Troubleshooting, CloudWatch metrics, RAID

What roles can I use the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Test for?

  • AWS Developer
  • AWS Solutions Architect
  • AWS Solutions Associate
  • AWS Cloud Architect
  • AWS Cloud Engineer
  • Senior AWS Cloud Engineer
  • AWS DevOps Engineer
  • Senior DevOps Engineer
  • Cloud Solution Architect

What topics are covered in the AWS Online Assessment Test?

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
Docker Containers and Microservices
Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)
Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
Block vs File vs Object Storage
Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)
S3 Versioning, Replication and Lifecycle Rules
DNS, Elastic Load Balancing, and Auto Scaling
Serverless Services and AWS Lambda Functions
Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
Public, Private and Elastic IP Addresses
AWS CloudFormation
AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
IAM Users, Groups, Roles, and Policies
Logging and Auditing - Amazon CloudWatch Logs, CloudTrail, Flow Logs, ELB logs, and S3 logs
Encryption - AWS KMS, ACM, in-transit / at-rest
Detect and Respond - Amazon Detective, GuardDuty, Macie
Firewalls and DDoS Protection - AWS WAF & Shield
AWS Well-Architected Framework
AWS Pricing Fundamentals
AWS Migration and Transfer Services
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The hiring managers felt that through the technical questions that they asked during the panel interviews, they were able to tell which candidates had better scores, and differentiated with those who did not score as well. They are highly satisfied with the quality of candidates shortlisted with the Adaface screening.

reduction in screening time

AWS Online Test FAQs

Can I use the test for AWS Cloud Practitioners?

Yes. The test is customized based on the job description. For Cloud Practitioners, the test will focus on the following topics:

  • AWS fundamental services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), AWS Route 53
  • Configuring Amazon S3 bucket policies and sharing data between multiple AWS accounts
  • Deploy and manage Docker container clusters on Amazon Elastic Container Services (ECS)
  • Setting up serverless event-driven AWS Lambda Functions with Amazon API Gateway and Amazon Kinesis integrations
  • Geographically redundant database services with Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
  • Configuring Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPC), subnets, and route tables
  • AWS cloud security and compliance concepts
  • AWS access management capabilities
  • Comparing various billing and pricing models

How to evalute AWS Developer associates?

The test evaluates candidates on developer topics:

  • Deploying applications using Elastic Beanstalk and AWS CI/CD tools
  • Creating Serverless API using AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB & Cognito
  • Infrastructure as code using AWS CloudFormation
  • Implementing messaging and integration patterns using AWS SQS, SNS & Kinesis
  • Advance CLI, SDK and IAM security best practices in EC2
  • Monitoring, tracking and auditing microservices using CloudWatch, X-Ray and CloudTrail
  • Securing AWS Cloud using KMS, Encryption SDK, IAM Policies & SSM

How to hire AWS DevOps engineers?

Adaface customized DevOps engineers test focuses on following topics:

  • SDL Automation, Configuration Management and Infrastructure as Code - AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS CloudFormation, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy, and AWS CodePipeline
  • Monitoring and Logging (Cloudtrail, Kinesis, Cloudwatch)
  • Policies and Standards Automation (SSM, config, inspector)
  • Automate the development/staging/production process

Can I evaluate specific AWS services like AWS Lambda and AWS Cloudformation?

Yes. We offer customized assessments with questions that are focused on specific AWS sub services.

Can I evaluate coding skills along with AWS?

Yes. If your role requires the candidate to have experience with hands-on programming, we can customize the test to include coding questions.

Can I combine multiple skills into one custom assessment?

Yes, absolutely. Custom assessments are set up based on your job description, and will include questions on all must-have skills you specify.

Do you have any anti-cheating or proctoring features in place?

We have the following anti-cheating features in place:

  • Non-googleable questions
  • IP proctoring
  • Web proctoring
  • Webcam proctoring
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Secure browser

Read more about the proctoring features.

How do I interpret test scores?

The primary thing to keep in mind is that an assessment is an elimination tool, not a selection tool. A skills assessment is optimized to help you eliminate candidates who are not technically qualified for the role, it is not optimized to help you find the best candidate for the role. So the ideal way to use an assessment is to decide a threshold score (typically 55%, we help you benchmark) and invite all candidates who score above the threshold for the next rounds of interview.

What experience level can I use this test for?

Each Adaface assessment is customized to your job description/ ideal candidate persona (our subject matter experts will pick the right questions for your assessment from our library of 10000+ questions). This assessment can be customized for any experience level.

Does every candidate get the same questions?

Yes, it makes it much easier for you to compare candidates. Options for MCQ questions and the order of questions are randomized. We have anti-cheating/ proctoring features in place. In our enterprise plan, we also have the option to create multiple versions of the same assessment with questions of similar difficulty levels.

I'm a candidate. Can I try a practice test?

No. Unfortunately, we do not support practice tests at the moment. However, you can use our sample questions for practice.

What is the cost of using this test?

You can check out our pricing plans.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes, you can sign up for free and preview this test.

I just moved to a paid plan. How can I request a custom assessment?

Here is a quick guide on how to request a custom assessment on Adaface.

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