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Ensure accurate assessments with remote proctoring features

Non-googleable questions

  • Questions in our library are created in-house and hence the answers are not available online.
  • We has web crawlers to automatically detect leaked questions and replace them.

User authentication

  • All candidates need to authenticate using their email address prior to starting the assessment.

Web proctoring

  • You can restrict candidates to stay on the Adaface session. They will receive alerts if they switch tabs/ windows.
  • Their scorecard will have a detailed log of their activity outside the test session.

Webcam proctoring

  • You can enable webcam proctoring to ensure that candidates can give the assessment only if they enable their webcam properly.
  • The scorecard will display the captured images, so you can check for any suspicious candidate activity.

IP proctoring

  • Adaface IP proctoring detection enables you to check if the same assessment was accessed from multiple IP addresses.
  • The candidate’s IP address, city and country are tracked and reported in the scorecard.

Copy-paste protection

  • Adaface chat & code editor environment have copy-paste disabled.
  • Adaface provides programming language documentation right within the code editor.

Full-screen proctoring

  • You can enable full-screen proctoring to ensure that candidates can give the assessment only if they stay in the full-screen mode.
  • The scorecard will display the number of times they exited full-screen mode and for how long, so you can check for any suspicious candidate activity.

Screen proctoring

  • If this is enabled, Ada will ask candidates to share their entire screen during the test. If they leave the window or open another window during the test, Ada will capture a screenshot of their screen.
  • The scorecard will show the captured images for advanced cheating detection.

ChatGPT protection

  • Every month, we validate if ChatGPT is able to solve Adaface questions.
  • With screen proctoring, you can also verify which of your candidates are using ChatGPT to cheat.

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