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The Data Analysis Test assesses a candidate's ability to handle, modify, analyze and interpret data. The test uses scenario-based MCQ questions to screen for experience with analyzing data to find possible outcomes, detect anomalies, extract meaningful insights, project estimates and visualize data using charts and graphs. The test has 15 MCQ questions on data analysis, business analysis, data interpretation and SQL. The test will be customized according to your data analyst job description so that the questions and topics are relevant to your company.

Covered Skills:

  • Basics of data modelling (Entities and Relations)
  • Basics of data analysis (Aggregations and Statistics)
  • Business analysis fundamentals
  • Data interpretation (Charts and Graphs)
  • Data queries and databases (SQL)
  • Data operations (Predictions and Anomalies)
  • Data investigations (Correlations and Ranking)
  • Popular data tools (Excel)
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Sample Adaface Data Analysis Test Questions

These are just a small sample from our library of 10,000+ questions. The actual questions on this Data Analysis Test will be non-googleable.

🧐 Question🔧 Skill💪 Difficulty⌛ Time
Correct Curve
The table shows the details of the number of products sold by the company from the year 2002 to 2009. A Data analyst plots the given data in form of a graph. Which of the given graphs represents the correct information in the table?
Note: The X-axis represents the years and Y represents the Product sold.


  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E
  • F
  • G
  • H
Plotting Graph
Data AnalysisMedium2 min
Consider the following line chart which shows the money invested by a company in production each year and the sales made by the company each year. If the pie chart shows the shareholding pattern of the company and the company gives 10% of the profit as dividends to its share holders then what is the average dividend received by retail investors from 2000 to 2004?


  • 3/8 (crores)
  • 5/8 (crores)
  • 2/8 (crores)
  • 6/8 (crores)
  • 7/8 (crores)
  • 1/8 (crores)
Line Charts
Data InterpretationMedium3 min
Hiring Developer
Two companies A and B hired developers from the year 2001 to 2005. The given bar graph shows the hiring details. 
Now select the statements that are true based on the given details.

A: The data given for Company A is skewed to the left.
B: The data given for Company B is skewed to the right.
C: The data given for Company A is skewed to the right.
D: For Company B, mean and mode are equal.
E: For Company B, mean is equal to median but less than mode.
F: For Company A, median is less than mode but greater than mean.


  • CD
  • ABF
  • BCD
  • CDF
  • BC
  • CEF
Skewed Data Graph
Data AnalysisMedium3 min
Laptop Brands
Given below is the list of laptop brands and their details in which some data is missing. If the cost price of Dell is 3/5 of the cost price of Lenovo, then what will be the %profit of Dell?


  • 22.22%
  • 32.31%
  • 28.76%
  • 19.74%
  • 35.51%
  • 51.54%
Missing data
Data InterpretationMedium2 min
 Consider the following line chart which shows the sales of five different companies from 2000 to 2009. Which of the following companies has the maximum percentage increase in the median from 2000 to 2004 and 2005 to 2009.


  • P
  • Q
  • R
  • S
  • T
  • P and R
  • Q and T
  • S and T
  • P and S
Percentages median
Data InterpretationMedium3 min
Multi Select
Consider the following SQL table:
How many rows does the following SQL query return?


  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
SQLMedium2 min
Negative correlation
Saffi, one of the popular schools in San Francisco did a school wide study of the students in middle school. The study found that there is a negative correlation between the time spent on Facebook per day by students and their academic achievement. How can we understand the results of this study?
A: An increase in time spent on Facebook per day causes a drop in the academic achievement of students at the middle school level.

B: There is an association between an increase in time spent on Facebook per day and the drop in the academic achievement of students at Saffi.

C: An increase in the time spent on Facebook per day causes a drop in the academic achievement of students at Saffi.

D: There is an association between an increase in time spent on Facebook per day and the drop in the academic achievement of students at the middle school level.


  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • A C
  • B D
Data AnalysisMedium2 min
Select & IN
Consider the following SQL table:
Which of the following SQL queries would return the year when neither a football or cricket winner was chosen?


  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E
SQLEasy3 min
With, AVG & SUM
Consider the following SQL table:
How many tuples does the following query return?


  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
SQLMedium2 min

How to use the Adaface Data Analysis Test

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1. Choose the most appropriate test for your role

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About the Adaface Data Analysis Test

Evaluate data analysis interpretation and SQL skills with Adaface skills assessment platform


Business Analysis
Entity-Relationship Diagrams
State-Transition Diagrams
Data visualization and interpretation
Finance analysis
Comparison analysis
Profit/ Loss
Predictions and Estimates
Mean/ Mode/ Median
Standard deviation
SQL basics (CRUD)
Excel basics
Statistics basics
Technical aptitude

Recommended Roles:

Data Analyst
Senior Data Analyst
Data Analyst SQL
Marketing Analyst
Business Analyst
Data Assistant

Why Should You Use This Data Analysis Test?

The Data Analyst Online Test is designed and validated by industry experts to help tech recruiters and hiring managers to assess candidates' core data analysis skills. The test screens the following topics that hiring managers look for in data analysts:

  • Basics of data handling, including data modelling and knowledge of ER diagrams
  • Fundamentals of data visualization and data interpretation
  • Patterns and anomalies detection in business data
  • Interpretation and usage of standard charts and graphs
  • Fundamentals of statistics and algebra
  • Modelling, cleaning and publishing data in different formats
  • Predicting and explaining behaviours and events from data
  • Experience with statistical software (Python/R) to summarize data numerically and visually and to perform data analysis
  • Experience with popular data tools like Excel, Power BI
  • Experience with relational databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Experience with unstructured databases like MongoDB

The automated reports generated from the Data Analysis Online Test will help you screen for candidates with on-the-job Data Analysis skills. The test reduces the overhead of interviewing too many candidates and lets you focus on top performers.

What Questions Are Included In Data Analyst Online Hiring Test?

The standard Data Analysis test contains 15 MCQ questions on Data Analysis, Data Interpretation and SQL. These are scenario-based questions mimicking real-life on-the-job usage of these skills.

However, Data Analyst roles and must-have skills for the roles vary across companies. For example, few Data Analyst roles require candidates to have programming experience in Python or R. In such cases, the test will include MCQ questions on Python or R and coding questions to evaluate programming skills. Similarly, if the candidate is expected to have experience with data analysis tools like Excel, there will be MCQ questions on Excel in the test.

What Questions Are included In the Senior Data Analyst Test?

Senior Data Analysts typically have 3+ years of experience in the field. They would have worked on long data analysis projects, spent time investigating the data with data science concepts and has experience with applying statistical approaches in innovative forms. The Data Analyst Online test for senior data analysts is customized in the following ways:

  • Difficulty levels: The test will be of higher difficulty level (between medium to hard).
  • Type of questions: The questions will focus on real-life scenarios and optimizations in addition to core data analysis fundamentals.
  • Skills and topics of the test: The senior analysts are typically expected to have experience with programming languages (ex: Python, R), Data tools (Microsoft Excel, Power BI, Tableau) and advanced data analysis knowledge (data science and statistics). The Senior Analyst Test will include questions on these senior skills and topics.

How is this Data Analysis Test customized?



Can I use Data Analyst Test for hiring Data Scientists?

Yes, if your job description closely matches the data analyst requirements. You can also check our standard Data Scientist test for a more focused test.

Can I evaluate Python or R in the Data Analyst test?

Yes. You can have three variations of the test:

  • For Data Analyst (Python) roles: Along with the standard question set, the test will have Python MCQ questions and Python coding questions
  • For Data Analyst (R) roles: Along with the standard question set, the test will have R MCQ questions and R coding questions
  • For Data Analyst roles where candidates can know either Python or R: Along with the standard question set, candidates will be asked to pick their preferred programming language between Python and R. Then, the candidate will be asked the MCQ and coding questions on the chosen programming language.

To get a sense of what kind of questions will be asked to evaluate Python or R skills, you can review our standard Python Online Test and R Online Tests.

Can I evaluate Excel skills in the Data Analyst test?

Yes. Along with the standard question set, there will be scenario-based MCQ questions to evaluate on-the-job Microsoft Excel experience. You can review our standard Excel Online Test to see what questions will be used and what topics will be evaluated.

What is a custom assessment?

Every role is different and requires a custom assessment to identify top candidates efficiently. Adaface subject matter experts understand your job description/ role requirements and pick the most relevant questions from our library of 10000+ questions to create a technical assessment that helps you find the qualified candidates in your candidate pipeline quickly. All custom assessments are set up based on the job description, role requirements, must-have skills, experience level and salary range within a maximum of 48 hours and you will get an email notification once it goes live.

Check out a sample assessment here (no credit card required).

Can I combine multiple skills into one custom assessment?

Yes, absolutely. Custom assessments are set up based on your job description, and will include questions on all must-have skills you specify.

How is Adaface different from other assessment tools?

We believe that status quo tech assessment platforms are not a fair way for companies to evaluate engineers because they focus on trick questions/ puzzles/ niche algorithms. We started Adaface to help companies find great engineers by assessing on-the-job skills required for a role. Read more about why we started Adaface.

Here's what's different with Adaface:

  • High quality non-googleable questions that test for on-the-job skills as opposed to theoretical knowledge.
  • A friendly conversational assessment with a chatbot, instead of sending a "test" to a candidate. This translates to a higher completion rate. Adaface assessments (86% candidate completion rate), as opposed to traditional tests (40-50% candidate completion rate)
  • Customized assessments for 700+ skills at different experience levels.

Do you have any anti-cheating or proctoring features in place?

We have the following anti-cheating features in place:

  • Web proctoring
  • Webcam proctoring
  • Plagairism detection
  • Non-googleable questions
  • Secure browser

Read more about the proctoring features.

How do I interpret test scores?

The primary thing to keep in mind is that an assessment is an elimination tool, not a selection tool. A skills assessment is optimized to help you eliminate candidates who are not technically qualified for the role, it is not optimized to help you find the best candidate for the role. So the ideal way to use an assessment is to decide a threshold score (typically 55%, we help you benchmark) and invite all candidates who score above the threshold for the next rounds of interview.

What experience level can I use this test for?

Each Adaface assessment is customized to your job description/ ideal candidate persona (our subject matter experts will pick the right questions for your assessment from our library of 10000+ questions). This assessment can be customized for any experience level.

Does every candidate get the same questions?

Yes, it makes it much easier for you to compare candidates. Options for MCQ questions and the order of questions are randomized. We have anti-cheating/ proctoring features in place. In our enterprise plan, we also have the option to create multiple versions of the same assessment with questions of similar difficulty levels.

I'm a candidate. Can I try a practice test?

No. Unfortunately, we do not support practice tests at the moment. However, you can use our sample questions for practice.

What is the cost of using this test?

You can check out our pricing plans.

Can I get a free trial?

The platform is completely self-serve, so here's one way to proceed:

  • You can sign up for free to get a feel for how it works.
  • The free trial includes one sample assessment (Java/ JavaScript) that you will find in your dashboard when you sign up. You can use it to review the quality of questions, and the candidate experience of a conversational test on Adaface.
  • To review the quality of questions, you can also review our public questions for 50+ skills here.
  • Once you're convinced that you want to try it out with real assessments and candidates, you can pick a plan according to your requirements.

I just moved to a paid plan. How can I request a custom assessment?

Here is a quick guide on how to request a custom assessment on Adaface.

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The hiring managers felt that through the technical questions that they asked during the panel interviews, they were able to tell which candidates had better scores, and differentiated with those who did not score as well. They are highly satisfied with the quality of candidates shortlisted with the Adaface screening.

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reduction in screening time

How Adaface Is Different

Adaface conversational assessments are reflective of on-the-job skills and see an 86% completion rate as compared to ~50% for traditional assessment platforms.



Theoretical questions/ puzzles

Feels like a test

One-size-fits-all assessments




Questions for on-the-job skills




With Adaface, we were able to optimise our initial screening process by upwards of 75%, freeing up precious time for both hiring managers and our talent acquisition team alike!

Brandon Lee, Head of People, Love, Bonito

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