PostgreSQL Online Test

Step 1

Request this assessment and add your JD

Step 2

Assessment is set up by the team and added to your dashboard within 48 hours

Step 3

Invite candidates to take the assessment

Step 4

You get the detailed scorecards when a candidates completes the assessment


Adaface PostgreSQL Online Test is designed so that it accurately evalues candidates skills on different topics. During the assessment, our bot, Ada mimicks in-person interview to give hints when candidates are stuck and track at which point the candidate was able to come up with the solution. It uses this data to create a granular scorecard that helps you identify the top candidates before calling them for in-person rounds and save crucial engineering time.


The assessment will have 20 multiple choice questions (MCQ) and takes 45mins. The assessment duration is kept short since candidates have reserved lesser time for giving assessments but the test duration is enough to make sure candidates showcase their expertise.

Useful for hiring

This assessment test is useful when you are hiring candidates for roles like - PostgreSQL Database Administrator, PostgreSQL Database Developer

Looking for a customized test?

Are you looking for a customized version of this test. Or looking to get a new test build according to your requirements from scratch? Get in touch with us and we will set it up within 48hrs!

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