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MongoDB Online Test

The MongoDB test uses scenario-based MCQ questions to evaluate a candidate's ability to design an effective NoSQL schema in MongoDB, perform CRUD operations, filter data efficiently, increase performance with indexes and optimize/ scale MongoDB clusters using MongoDB profiler, replica sets and sharding.

Covered Skills:

  • Primary MongoDB data types (strings; numbers; arrays; objects)
  • MongoDB queries
  • query language and query operators
  • Documents and Collections
  • Query data using the Aggregation Framework
  • Use indexes to make queries more efficient
  • Reading a MongoDB Query Plan
  • Using the MongoDB Profiler
  • Horizontal scaling with Replica Sets and Sharding
  • Vertical scaling
  • Fault Tolerance and Deployment
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Sample MongoDB Online Test Questions

These are just a small sample from our library of 10,000+ questions. The actual questions on this MongoDB Test will be non-googleable.

🧐 Question🔧 Skill💪 Difficulty⌛ Time
Indexing Sorting
Given the following sample document in Mongodb:

{ x: 5, y: 3, z: 2, w: 1 }
If the collection name is 'adaface' with a compound index { x: 1, y: 1, z: 1, w: 1}, which of the following queries will not use in-memory sorting?


  • A B
  • A C
  • A D
  • B C
  • B D
  • C D
MongoDBMedium2 min
Given the following movies document in MongoDB, What will be the output of the query:


  • Arranges the genres in ascending order
  • Arranges the genres in descending order
  • Returns three separate documents for three genres
  • Returns one document but converts the genres array in an object
MongoDBMedium2 min

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About the Adaface MongoDB Assessment Test

Evaluate MongoDB technical and coding skills with Adaface skills assessment platform powered by an intelligent chatbot


Installing MongoDB
Data Types
Schemas and relations
Updating operators (set, rename, addToSet, push, inc)
Update methods (updateOne, updateMany)
Aggregates ()
Query ()
Delete methods (deleteOne and deleteMany)
Operators (and, or, gt and ne)
Aggregation framework
Geospatial data
MongoDB shell
Cloud Manager
Performance tools
Horizontal scaling
Vertical scaling
Replica set
External drivers

Recommended Roles:

MongoDB Developer
Senior MongoDB Developer
Database Engineer (MongoDB)
MongoDB Administrator
Senior MongoDB Administrator
Database Administrator (MongoDB)

Why you should use this Mongo Online Test

The Mongo DB Online test reduces the administrative overhead of interviewing too many candidates and saves expensive engineering time by filtering out unqualified candidates.

The Adaface MongoDB Online Assessment Test screens candidates for the typical skills hiring managers look for in a MongoDB developer:

  • MongoDB data types - Strings, Numbers, Arrays, Objects, Dates etc
  • Designing an effective NoSQL schema with both data nesting and lookups
  • Structuring documents (Schemas & Relations)
  • Experience with Query, Projection and Aggregation Pipeline Operators
  • Update operations using operators $set, $rename, $addToSet, $push, $inc etc
  • Query operators like $in, $eq, $regex, $elemMatch etc.
  • Aggregation stages like $match, $group, $unwind
  • Using indexes to make your queries more efficient
  • Modelling data in MongoDB (Embedding vs Referencing)
  • Installing and configuring production MongoDB on the dedicated or virtual private server
  • Using MongoDB Shell and MongoDB Compass for database management
  • Using Drivers to connect MongoDB to applications/ servers (like Mongoose)
  • Using mongostat and mongotop to examine a running system

How is the test customized for Senior MongoDB developers

The questions used to evaluate Senior MongoDB developers assess advanced Mongo topics:

  • Understanding the difference between relational and document databases
  • Using different MongoDB BSON types - ObjectId, ISODate, NumberInt etc
  • Working with Geospatial Data
  • Writings tests around Mongo queries to ensure code is working as expected
  • Differences between record associations and resource embedding
  • Understanding of how MongoDB works - cursor, batch size, iterator
  • Profiling and performance tools for MongoDB
  • Creating the Mongo Superuser/Root account and managing Mongo user accounts
  • Manage MongoDB Ports to Maximize Resources
  • Encrypting MongoDB Data-in-motion and Data-at-rest
  • Using the serverless platform (Stitch) offered by MongoDB
  • Experience with MongoDB interface, Mongoose JS
  • Using backup and restore tools - mongoexport, mongoimport, mongodump and mongorestore

How is this MongoDB Online Test customized?


MongoDB Online Test FAQs

Can I evaluate SQL and MongoDB skills in the same test?

Yes. You can evaluate both MongoDB and SQL skills in the same test. You can review our standard SQL test to get a sense of what questions will be used.

Can I evaluate coding skills in the same test?

Yes. We customize the test according to your job description. If the role requires programming skills, then the test will have coding questions to evaluate hands-on coding skills.

What is a custom assessment?

Every role is different and requires a custom assessment to identify top candidates efficiently. Adaface subject matter experts understand your job description/ role requirements and pick the most relevant questions from our library of 10000+ questions to create a technical assessment that helps you find the qualified candidates in your candidate pipeline quickly. All custom assessments are set up based on the job description, role requirements, must-have skills, experience level and salary range within a maximum of 48 hours and you will get an email notification once it goes live.

Check out a sample assessment here (no credit card required).

Can I combine multiple skills into one custom assessment?

Yes, absolutely. Custom assessments are set up based on your job description, and will include questions on all must-have skills you specify.

How is Adaface different from other assessment tools?

We believe that status quo tech assessment platforms are not a fair way for companies to evaluate engineers because they focus on trick questions/ puzzles/ niche algorithms. We started Adaface to help companies find great engineers by assessing on-the-job skills required for a role. Read more about why we started Adaface.

Here's what's different with Adaface:

  • High quality non-googleable questions that test for on-the-job skills as opposed to theoretical knowledge.
  • A friendly conversational assessment with a chatbot, instead of sending a "test" to a candidate. This translates to a higher completion rate. Adaface assessments (86% candidate completion rate), as opposed to traditional tests (40-50% candidate completion rate)
  • Customized assessments for 700+ skills at different experience levels.

Do you have any anti-cheating or proctoring features in place?

We have the following anti-cheating features in place:

  • Web proctoring
  • Webcam proctoring
  • Plagairism detection
  • Non-googleable questions
  • Secure browser

Read more about the proctoring features.

How do I interpret test scores?

The primary thing to keep in mind is that an assessment is an elimination tool, not a selection tool. A skills assessment is optimized to help you eliminate candidates who are not technically qualified for the role, it is not optimized to help you find the best candidate for the role. So the ideal way to use an assessment is to decide a threshold score (typically 55%, we help you benchmark) and invite all candidates who score above the threshold for the next rounds of interview.

What experience level can I use this test for?

Each Adaface assessment is customized to your job description/ ideal candidate persona (our subject matter experts will pick the right questions for your assessment from our library of 10000+ questions). This assessment can be customized for any experience level.

Does every candidate get the same questions?

Yes, it makes it much easier for you to compare candidates. Options for MCQ questions and the order of questions are randomized. We have anti-cheating/ proctoring features in place. In our enterprise plan, we also have the option to create multiple versions of the same assessment with questions of similar difficulty levels.

I'm a candidate. Can I try a practice test?

No. Unfortunately, we do not support practice tests at the moment. However, you can use our sample questions for practice.

What is the cost of using this test?

You can check out our pricing plans.

Can I get a free trial?

The platform is completely self-serve, so here's one way to proceed:

  • You can sign up for free to get a feel for how it works.
  • The free trial includes one sample assessment (Java/ JavaScript) that you will find in your dashboard when you sign up. You can use it to review the quality of questions, and the candidate experience of a conversational test on Adaface.
  • To review the quality of questions, you can also review our public questions for 50+ skills here.
  • Once you're convinced that you want to try it out with real assessments and candidates, you can pick a plan according to your requirements.

I just moved to a paid plan. How can I request a custom assessment?

Here is a quick guide on how to request a custom assessment on Adaface.

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The hiring managers felt that through the technical questions that they asked during the panel interviews, they were able to tell which candidates had better scores, and differentiated with those who did not score as well. They are highly satisfied with the quality of candidates shortlisted with the Adaface screening.

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How Adaface Is Different

Adaface conversational assessments are reflective of on-the-job skills and see an 86% completion rate as compared to ~50% for traditional assessment platforms.



Theoretical questions/ puzzles

Feels like a test

One-size-fits-all assessments




Questions for on-the-job skills




With Adaface, we were able to optimise our initial screening process by upwards of 75%, freeing up precious time for both hiring managers and our talent acquisition team alike!

Brandon Lee, Head of People, Love, Bonito

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