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Pre Employment Personality Tests for Hiring

Adaface personality tests help you determine which candidates have the personality traits to be a good fit for the role.

Personality test traits

Easy to use enterprise grade personality tests

~20 minutes completion time

Short and conversational asssessment for high test taking rates

Ready for immediate use

Send the tests to candidates with in a matter of minutes

Automated grading and instant reports

Access detailed scorecards immediately post test completion

Screen junior to senior level hires

Personality tests for all levels of your organization hierarchy

Reliable and valid personality tests

Proven personality tests backed by 40 years of research

GDPR and EEOC compliant

Built-in enterprise grade security and privacy

Adaface personality tests are trusted by enterprises globally

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Ready-to-use personality tests to recruit for potential, not for pedigree

Time: ~25 mins

Personality testing examines an individual's personality traits and how they may influence his or her behavior in a specific job setting. The Big 5 model of personality traits is a scientifically backed model to assess the personality traits and behavioral competencies of your candidates.

Deep dive into personality traits

Analyze your candidates' personality traits to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Adaface scorecards breakdown candidate personality score into individual scores for each personality trait so that recruiters can seamlessly decide if the candidates strengths match the job requirements.

Comparative analysis and industry benchmarking

The Big Five Model describes a candidate based on their position on the five broad personality factors.

You can compare each candidate against your existing candidate pool, internal employee benchmarks and industry benchmarks to ensure you are always hiring strong-fit candidates for your team.

How to use pre employment personality tests for hiring

Focus on measuring stable traits that will not tend to change

Psychometric and experimental studies have identified stable personality traits that relate to the person's predisposition to experience certain emotions. Research has shown that the stability coefficients for the Big Five personality traits range from moderate to high, ranging (0.73 to 0.97 in men and 0.65 to 0.95 in women).

Use personality tests proven to have reliability and validity

Several popular personality tests like the MBTI have not been validated for hiring and selection. Research has found that as many as 50% candidates arrive at a different result if they take the test a second time (only 5 weeks later).

Do not make hiring decisions based solely on personality tests

Personality assessments (whether scientifically backed or not) should not be used as the sole determinant in hiring decisions. Research has shown that multi-measure tests are the most accurate way of assessing candidates. Including personality tests in a well-rounded hiring process (interviews, references and more) can provide valuable insights which can result in a great hire.


We were able to close 106 positions in a record time of 45 days with Adaface! My hiring managers have never been happier with the quality of candidates shortlisted.

Amit Kataria, Chief Human Resources Officer, Hanu


What is pre employment personality test?

A pre employment personality test is a form of assessment that employers or recruiters use to measure human characteristics and behavior patterns. Research shows placing employees in positions that do not match their personalities leads to discontent. So recruiters use personality tests to screen candidates and find individuals with traits that would be a good fit for the role.

Should personality tests be used in hiring?

Companies should be careful when using personality assessments for hiring. If the assessment isn’t validated for hiring and selection, it can lead to poor decisions or legal trouble. Several popular personality tests like the MBTI test, Caliper assessment & DISC assessment aren't sufficiently reliable or valid.

The Big Five Personality Test is a scientifically validated and reliable psychological model to measure personality. The Big Five model has been proven to measure individual personality traits accurately.

How should I use personality tests in my hiring process?

Research has shown that multi-measure tests are the most accurate way of assessing candidates. For best results, you can pair the big 5 personality test with an aptitude test since the a personality test cannot singularly tell you whether a candidate will be good for the role.

Adaface personality tests help you determine which candidates have the personality traits to be a good fit for the role.

It's very easy to share assessments with candidates and for candidates to use. We get good feedback from candidates about completing the tests. Adaface are very responsive and friendly to deal with.

Kirsty Wood, Human Resources, WillyWeather

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