Every job description is different and requires a personalized test to identify top candidates efficiently. Adaface subject matter experts understand your job description and create a technical assessment that removes false positives and false negatives from your hiring process.

Adaface subject matter experts

Our team of experts analyze your job description and understand your needs clearly before designing the questions. For a Java programming role, few companies require coding and few require only MCQ style questions. Whatever the need, our team creates the questions to deliver the correct passing percentage that your recruitment team needs.

Question to cover depth and breadth

Questions designed by our team will test depth and breadth in both macro and micro skills inside larger skill.

Add your own questions

Adaface custom assessments can also include your own in-house questions. We take care of converting your questions to bot-understandable content.

Exclusive questions

To make it hard for candidates to leak the questions, our experts design new questions that are exclusive to your company.

Covers all technical skills

Our experts can set the questions on all the technical skills. Check out our library of 700+ pre-built assessments.

Multiple skills in one assessment

Some job descriptions require candidates to be assessed on multiple skills in the same assessment. Our experts evaluate the difficulty levels of all individual skills separately to create a perfect and unique assessment that fits your needs.

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