Microservices General Interview Questions
  1. What are the main components of Microservices?
  2. Name three commonly used tools for Microservices
  3. What is Monolithic Architecture?
  4. How does a Microservice Architecture work?
  5. What are the main features of Microservices?
  6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Microservices?
  7. What is Spring Cloud?
  8. Why would you need reports and dashboards in Microservices?
  9. What are the challenges faced while using Microservices?
  10. In which cases microservice architecture best suited?
  11. What are the fundamental characteristics of a Microservices Design?
  12. What are the different strategies of Microservices Deployment?
  13. What is RESTful?
  14. Explain three types of Tests for Microservices?
  15. What are Client certificates?
  16. Explain the use of PACT in Microservices architecture?
  17. What is the meaning of OAuth?
  18. What is End to End Microservices Testing?
  19. Why are Container used in Microservices?
  20. What is the meaning of Semantic monitoring in Microservices architecture?
  21. What is a CDC?
  22. What is the use of Docker?
  23. What are Reactive Extensions in Microservices?
  24. Explain the term 'Continuous Monitoring.'
  25. How independent micro-services communicate with each other?
  26. What is the difference between Monolithic, SOA and Microservices Architecture?
  27. Difference between Cohesion and Coupling?
  28. Mention the problems that are solved by Spring Cloud?
  29. What is Distributed Transaction?
  30. Explain end to end Microservices Testing.
  31. What is Mike Cohn’s Test Pyramid?
  32. How do you implement a Spring Security in a Spring Boot Application?
  33. How will you Configure Spring Boot Application Login?
  34. What is Spring Cloud?
  35. What is an Actuator?
  36. What is Contract Testing?
  37. What are the steps in an End-to-End Microservices Testing?
  38. What is the difference between Mock & Stub?
  39. What is Canary Releasing?
  40. What are the different types of credentials of a two-factor Authentication?
  41. What is a Client Certificate?
  42. What are non-deterministic tests, and how will you eliminate them?
  43. What are Reactive Extensions in Microservices?
  44. What is Eureka in Microservices?
  45. How will you balance the server-side load by utilizing Spring Cloud?
  46. When will you see fit to use the Netflix Hystrix?
  47. What is Spring Batch Framework?
  48. What is Tasklet, and what is a Chunk?
  49. How will you deploy Exception Handling in Microservices?
  50. How can you access RESTful Microservices?
  51. How do independent Microservices communicate with each other?
  52. How do you perform security testing of Microservices?
  53. What do you understand by Idempotence, and how is it used?
  54. What are the uses of Reports and Dashboards in Microservices environments?
  55. What are the tools that can be considered for managing a microservice architecture?
  56. How do you create State Machines out of Microservices?
  57. What are the most common mistakes while transitioning to Microservices?
  58. Where is the WebMVC Test Annotation used?
  59. Give one/a few examples of microservices implementation.
  60. What Is Spring Boot?
  61. Which Embedded Containers Are Supported By Spring Boot?
  62. How Can You Set Up Service Discovery?
  63. Common mistakes made while transitioning to microservices
  64. What do you mean by bounded context?
  65. How can you scale a microservices based system?
  66. What is the 12 factor app?
  67. How big a single microservice should be?
  68. What is the difference between Orchestration and Choreography in microservices context?
  69. How will you develop microservices using Java?
  70. How to maintain ACID in microservice architecture?
  71. What are some of the challenges that a distributed system introduces?
  72. Explain the API gateway.
  73. What is event sourcing in microservices architecture?
  74. What are the use cases for JWT?
  75. What is meant by Continuous Integration?
  76. Explain Blue-Green Deployment Technique
  77. What are smart endpoints and dumb pipes?
  78. What are the differences between continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment?
  79. What do you know about serverless model?
  80. Do you find GraphQL the right fit for designing microservice architecture?
  81. What do you know about YAML in the realm of Microservices?