Back End Developer Job Description Template/Brief

We are hiring a Back-End Developer. As a back-end web developer, you will be in charge of server-side web application logic and the integration of front-end developers' work. You will create the web services and APIs that front-end developers and mobile app developers will utilise.

You will manage the technology planning and development for a company's customers, vendors, and internal staff. The objective would increase productivity and commercial output while lowering costs and time.

Back End Developer Job Profile

A back-end developer creates and maintains the technology that powers the components that allow the user-facing portion of a website to function. Their back-end programming improves the usability of whatever the front-end developer does.

These programmers are in charge of developing, maintaining, testing, and troubleshooting the complete back end. This covers the application's basic logic, databases, data and application integration, APIs, and other back-end activities.

Reports To

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Tech Lead
  • Product Manager

Back End Developer Responsibilities

  • Communicate with stakeholders, project managers, quality assurance teams, and other developers regularly on the long-term technological roadmap's development
  • Create and manage procedures with teams to provide visibility and effort balance for consistent visual designs
  • Create and manage testing schedules in a client-server context, addressing all browsers and devices to guarantee that all devices show the intended content
  • Write quality code, setting the standard for the entire team in terms of quality and speed
  • Recommend system solutions by weighing the benefits and drawbacks of custom development and buy options
  • Responsibilities both daily and monthly
  • Create prototypes, write code and tests, troubleshoot problems, and profile and evaluate bottlenecks
  • Create efficient, robust APIs to serve mobile and desktop clients
  • Cloud-based scalable distributed systems management and optimisation

Back End Developer Requirements & Skills

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or similar experience
  • Excellent knowledge in computer science, algorithms, and web design
  • Experience developing highly secure web apps
  • Extensive knowledge of AWS's leading web-enabling technologies
  • Develop fresh solutions and out-of-the-box concepts
  • Experience building RESTful APIs, particularly for mobile apps