Java Developer Job Description Template/Brief

We are seeking a Java developer to join our team. As a Java developer, you will be responsible for building applications using the Java programming language and collaborate with the rest of the engineering team working on different layers of the Java infrastructure.

You will be expected to collaborate with your fellow engineers to use Java for building business solutions, etc. The role requires active participation at all stages of product development to analyse any problems that business might face and come up with efficient solutions.

Java Developer Job Profile

A typical Java developer handles the design, development, and management of applications developed using the Java programming language because of its widespread use by organisations worldwide.

Reports To

  • Project Managers
  • Design Lead
  • Software Engineers

Java Developer Responsibilities

  • Creating, deploying, and maintaining Java applications
  • Participating in software and architectural development
  • Carrying out software testing, programming, and debugging processes
  • Identifying all application issues, both production and non-production related
  • Transforming requirements into real solutions
  • Creating, testing, deploying, and supporting application software
  • Recommending changes to improve established Java application processes
  • Developing technical designs to develop applications
  • Developing application code for Java programs

Java Developer Requirements & Skills

  • Experience in Java development
  • Knowledge of design and object-oriented programming (OOP)
  • Experience with the Java framework
  • Understanding of relational databases (RDBMS) like ORM, SQL, etc.
  • Knowledge of other web programming languages and technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery
  • Expertise in a variety of Java programs