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Data management: transparency and control

This resource provides insight into Adaface’s data management policies and practices, as well as information about the tools that you need to manage, protect and control your data.

Who is responsible for candidate data?

Any Adaface client that administers the assessment owns the data of all candidates that took the assessment. The responsibility of updating and deleting all candidate data when requested by a candidate lies with the client. Adaface provides our clients with necessary support (customer support/ product features) to carry out any such requests however the company wants to.

What data portability tools are available with Adaface, and who can use them?

What data customers may access using Adaface’s import and export tools are specific to each subscription, but we have given an overview below.

On any plan, super admins can export all candidate data from Adaface dashboard. Super admins can request self-service export functionality required for their organization's policies. Please note that all requests are subject to an application process to ensure that (a) appropriate employment agreements and corporate policies have been implemented, and (b) all use of data exports is permitted under applicable law.

Additionally, Integrations APIs allow eligible Adaface customers to use third-party applications to export, retain or archive candidate's data submitted to Adaface.

How to access audit logs?

Adaface maintains logs of all actions that are state changing as well as unpermissioned actions for troubleshooting and security. Super admins of a client account can view the audit logs from their dashboard. Any further processing requests of audit logs should be routed through or your Adaface Customer Success Manager.

How do we use information to improve Adaface?

We analyse aggregated and disassociated Customer Data that is submitted to Adaface, as well as Other Information, to find patterns that help us to make our customers’ experiences better.

For example, we may expand our test library based on popular skills requested and used by our clients. We might also use test usage information to prioritize our test library. We might analyze tracking data of candidates for proctoring purposes. We might store and use non-identifying tracking data (like IP address but not mapped to a particular email-id) to detect usage patterns that help improve Adaface features for our clients.

Where is your data stored?

Adaface is hosted with Digital Ocean. The default data centre is in the United States, but some customers may choose to use our data residency capability. Data residency for Adaface allows global teams to choose the region or country where their data is stored at rest.

Learn more about data residency

Industry-accepted best practices and frameworks

Our security approach focuses on security governance, risk management and compliance. This includes encryption at rest and in transit, network security and server hardening, administrative access control, system monitoring, logging and alerting, and more.

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