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Security control and visibility

We’ve developed a number of tools that empower enterprise recruiters and IT teams to customize Adaface to their organization’s particular security control needs. A toolbox of control and visibility features is available via the Adaface dashboard for super admins. We’ve also extended the platform to help businesses integrate Adaface seamlessly into their core IT processes with our ATS integrations and Integration API.

Identity and access management

  • Directory services integration & Single sign-on (SSO): Enterprises can simplify provisioning and de-provisioning by automatically adding and removing users from existing internal directories. Your Adaface account manager can help you pick the right plans that give you access to our identity management providers and SSO (Single sign-on) capabilities.
  • Advanced fraud protection: Super admins can request advanced login protection: This feature ensures users can log in only from one device at a time and identify fraudulent access to your Adaface accounts.

Sharing controls

Super admins of Adaface have comprehensive control of their team's abilities in the Adaface dashboard. This includes whether members can invite other members and give controlled access to different portions of the Adaface dashboard. Super admins can restrict only a set of recruiters to have the capabilities to edit test settings, create new tests and new public links to tests. Users with view-only access to tests can only administer the test to candidates but would not be able to change the proctoring capabilities of a test.

Administrative actions and visibility

Adaface provides an extensive toolbox for super admins to manage your Adaface account and adhere to your organization's internal security policies. Some restricted features of Adaface are only visible to super admins. These include:

  • Tracking account usage
  • Permanently deleting and anonymizing candidates data
  • Deleting, deactivating, and activating other recruiter logins
  • Access to hiring insights and usage reports
  • Access to complete audit logs
  • Access to billing information including downloadable invoices
Additionally, super admins can work with Adaface account managers for any data requests such as account transfer, remote wipe. Note that some of these features are available to only enterprise customers and depend on the plan you subscribe to.

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Automation, Integrations & API

We extended the power of the Adaface Platform through automation and integrations to help businesses integrate Adaface into their core IT processes and support custom workflows. The automation helps recruiters communicate with candidates without the overhead of tracking candidate activity. This includes automated invite, reminder, shortlist and rejection emails. Only a handful of these features are enabled by default. Your account manager works with you to customize our automated features to best fit your recruiting processes. Our ATS (application tracking system) integrations help you administer Adaface assessments without leaving your hiring systems. You can invite a candidate to an assessment, track their assessment progress, view the candidate score and scorecard right within your ATS. To further customize your workflow, we provide an Integration API that gives you access to Adaface features. To know more about pricing and details of our integration API, speak with your Adaface account manager.

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Enterprise-grade features

At Adaface we enable recruiters to hire the best of the best with conversational hiring. We are continuously innovating and shipping new features to level up your recruiting game. Here's a round-up of Adaface's top features to help you get up to speed and take advantage of all the top features.

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