Jenkins General Interview Questions
  1. What is continuous integration?
  2. What is the programming language used to build Jenkins?
  3. What is the requirement for using Jenkins?
  4. Explain how you can move or copy Jenkins from one server to another?
  5. Mention what are the commands you can use to start Jenkins manually?
  6. Mention some of the useful plugins in Jenkin.
  7. What is a Cron Job?
  8. Explain how you can deploy a custom build of a core plugin?
  9. Explain how can create a backup and copy files in Jenkins?
  10. Explain how you can clone a Git repository via Jenkins?
  11. Can you start Jenkins using command line? How?
  12. What is a job in Jenkins?
  13. Explain how you can set up Jenkins job?
  14. Mention what are the two components Jenkins is mainly integrated with?
  15. What is the difference between Hudson and Jenkins?
  16. What is Groovy in Jenkins?
  17. What is Jenkinsfile?
  18. What is Jenkins Pipeline? What is a CI CD pipeline?
  19. What is Quite period in Jenkins?
  20. How do you delete old builds?
  21. Why do we use Nodes in jenkins?
  22. How do you send the notifications whether build fails or success?
  23. What is SCM? Which SCM tools are supported in Jenkins?
  24. Which CI Tools are used in Jenkin?
  25. Which Environmental Directives are used in Jenkins?
  26. What are Triggers?
  27. What is Agent Directive in Jenkins?
  28. How will you define Post in Jenkins?
  29. What are Parameters in Jenkins?
  30. What is Flow Control in Jenkins?
  31. What are the basic requirements for installing Jenkins?
  32. What is the use of Backup Plugin in Jenkins?
  33. What is Maven? What is the benefit of integrating Maven with Jenkins?
Jenkins Advanced Interview Questions
  1. How can you clone a git repository via jenkins?
  2. What are the various ways in which build can be scheduled in Jenkins?
  3. What is Kubernetes? How can you integrate Jenkins with Kubernetes?
  4. Let us say, you have a pipeline. The first job was successful, but the second failed. What should you do next?
  5. What is the use of JENKINS HOME directory?
  6. How does Jenkins authenticate users?
  7. How can you use a third-party tool in Jenkins?
  8. What are the types of pipelines in Jenkins?
  9. What is DevOps and in which stage does Jenkins fit in?
  10. What is a DSL Jenkins?
  11. How do you create Multibranch Pipeline in Jenkins?
  12. What are the types of jobs or projects in Jenkins?
  13. What is blue ocean in Jenkins?
  14. What is Continuous Testing?
  15. How can you temporarily turn off Jenkins security if the administrative users have locked themselves out of the admin console?
  16. What do you mean by Pipeline as a Code?
  17. What are the ways to configure Jenkins node agent to communicate with Jenkins master?
  18. What is the tool used for provisioning and configuration?
  19. How can you decide the no. executors?
  20. Where did your plugins come from Jenkins?
  21. Is it possible to exchange jobs between two different jenkins?
  22. Which plugin is required to deploy a .war file into application server?
  23. How to re-execute a parameterized build without entering the parameter value when the job fails?
  24. How master system will communicate to slave system?
  25. How do you make a job to run only on slave node?
  26. How do you make all the jobs to be run only on slave node?
  27. What is SCM Checkout retry count?
  28. What are stages?
  29. What is Parallel in Jenkins?
  30. What is matrix-based security?
  31. What is a Snippet Generator?