Cloud Engineer Job Description Template/Brief

We are looking for a cloud engineer with experience in the strategy, design, development, and execution of large-scale cloud projects. The ideal applicant has prior expertise with cloud-based technology, a strong understanding of new technologies, platforms, and apps, and the ability to tailor them to assist our company in becoming more secure and efficient.

An extensive understanding of cloud maintenance, experience managing personnel, and sophisticated industry knowledge is critical to staying ahead of the competition. You'll have an immediate influence on the day-to-day efficiency of our IT operations and a continuing impact on our overall growth from day one.

Cloud Engineer Job Profile

A cloud engineer is an IT professional who creates and manages cloud infrastructure. Cloud engineers can specialise in tasks such as cloud architecting (creating cloud solutions for businesses), development (cloud coding), and administration (working with cloud networks).

Reports To

  • Senior Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineer Responsibilities

  • Create and implement cloud-based apps
  • Identify and utilise relevant cloud services to enable cloud-based applications
  • Migrate the organisation's on-premise applications to the cloud
  • Continue to use cloud services and pursue cost-cutting measures
  • Identify the appropriate cloud architectural methods to support apps
  • Apply their programming skills to create code for server-less apps
  • Automate several stages of the development process
  • Knowledge of the application life cycle and the use of APIs
  • Identify possible performance bottlenecks in apps
  • Develop a recovery strategy to account for any downtime or failure situations
  • Maintain data integrity with effective access control for cloud services
  • Oversee network-related tasks such as DNS and firewalls

Cloud Engineer Requirements & Skills

  • A bachelor's degree in computer science or a comparable subject
  • Knowledge of the Linux/UNIX operating system
  • Thorough understanding of one of the cloud platforms, such as AWS, Azure, or GCP
  • Solid programming skills in one of the following programming languages: Python, Java, GO, R, or Clojure
  • Understand DevOps approach and tools such as Puppet, Chef, Git, Docker, and others
  • Knowledge of and experience with the five pillars of a well-architected framework
  • Knowledge in database design, ETL, business intelligence, big data, machine learning, and advanced analytics
  • Demonstrated ability to work with multidisciplinary teams of business analysts, developers, data scientists, and subject matter experts
  • Understanding of web services, APIs, REST, and RPC