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Monocept reduces time-to-hire to 15 days with Adaface custom assessments

Number of employees: 250+
Industry: Computer Software, Digital Transformation
Industry: Computer Software, Digital Transformation
Candidates screened via Adaface
Candidates shortlisted for interviews
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The Challenge: Automating assessments to identify quality candidates

Monocept specializes in solving complex business problems for customers. The senior technology leadership comprises of several senior solution architects and software engineers who are deeply passionate about architecting future-ready software solutions in varied technologies.

Since we hire in India, we receive a very large number of candidate applications for our open roles. While there are very strong applications from the best engineers, they get mixed with several hundred applications from candidates who are not qualified. Being a lean recruitment team, it becomes exhausting to separate the signal in the noise. We were previously using another assessment tool which is very popular in the IT industry, it was not effective in shortlisting candidates- our hiring managers were not happy with the quality of candidates who were shortlisted.

The factors that were important to us in deciding which assessment tool to switch to were:

  • The satisfaction of our hiring managers with respect to the quality of shortlisting was the key decision making factor.
  • Test taking rate: Having seen a really low test taking rate of ~30% with the previous assessment tool, we were evaluating options against this metric.
  • Candidate friendliness: Being a candidate friendly recruitment team, we know our long term talent brand is affected by our vendor decisions.

The Solution: Adaface's conversational assessments

Adaface's subject matter experts set up custom assessments for each of Monocept's open roles, enabling Monocept to screen candidates with confidence. Each assessment included questions on each of the must-have skills and coding challenges to weed out unqualified candidates at the start of the recruitment process.

An integration with Monocept's ATS system makes sure that they can see all their candidate data in one place, and make hiring decisions collaboratively. They are able to invite candidates to take assessments with the click of a button, track their status, compare their scores and view detailed scorecards- all from within their ATS.

The Results: 25% reduction in time-to-hire and 40% reduction in time spent per candidate

Favorite features

  • Chatbot based assessments: The bot, Ada guides the candidates through the assessment, making it a friendlier interaction.
  • Revolutionary test setup: We have a lateral hiring usecase, that varies according to client requirements. Being able to set up highly relevant custom assessment tailored to our roles is a superpower Adaface gives us, and we haven't seen any other solution that comes close in terms of customization.
  • Activity Tracker: We like that we can keep a track of candidates' activity after sharing a link, and follow up with candidates accordingly.

Candidates feedback

The feedback shared by candidates was overwhelming, since they had never given a chatbot based friendly assessment before. The below are few of the reviews candidates left at the end of the assessment.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I really liked how challenging it was and enjoyed the variety of the questions. Moreover Ada was a friendly and very fast chatbot
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Easiness and it was really like i am chatting with a real person without a lag, you are a super human.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ It is like we are communicating to a person.Really a nice and new experience for me as it is first time i gave any exam like this manner.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Best way to hire employee. The straightforwardness which humans dont offer and its is very accurate in giving information to the preson in front of it.

We evaluated several of their competitors and found Adaface to be the most compelling. Great library of questions that are designed to test for fit rather than memorization of algorithms.

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