Adaface has over 700+ skills assessments for you to pick from. When requested, our subject matter experts tailor these assessments to fit your exact needs. Here's the way to request an assessment:

Note: Custom assessments are only for Adaface Pro/ Enterprise users. If you overshot your requests count or want to get your pending requests to be setup, please contact your Adaface Customer Success Manager.


  1. You must have an Adaface account.
  2. You must be eligible for custom assessments in your subscription. If not, your requests will be in pending state and our team will reach out to you to figure out best plan that fits your needs.


  1. Navigate to "Library" tab in your dashboard.

2. Find the closest assessment that you are looking for. You can filter the assessments library category-wise using the side panel on left or using the search form on the top. Example: If you are looking for a Frontend Engineer with focus on React framework, you can choose "React.js Test".

3. Click on the chosen assessment to know more details about what will be judged in that particular assessment. If your job description requires multiple skills, pick any one skill, you can add additional skills in further steps.

4. Click on "Use this assessment" button on the right side of the assessment once you made the choice.

5. Fill the form with required details and Submit. These details are analyzed by our subject matters while designing assessment for you.

6. Once submitted, a pending request will be visible in your dashboard. You will also receive an email with the pending request.

7. Our subject matter experts take a maximum of 48 hours before making the pending test request live. Once live, it is ready for you to use! You will also receive an email confirmation once request is complete.

Read more to understand how our experts set an assessment that gets you the perfect candidates without false positives or false negatives!


What if I require multiple skills to be tested?
Fret not! You can pick any base assessment for your request and in the "Must have skills" of the request form, you can add all the skills that you would like to test in a candidate.

Can I get the assessments faster than 48 hours?
We typically process assessment requests faster than 48 hours but to a maximum of 48 hours. If you have any specific urgency, please contact your Adaface Customer Success Manager and we will expedite.

I am on free plan. How do I get my pending requests processed?
Assessment requests are only processed for non-free users. Please choose any of our paid plans to get your pending requests processed. You can chat with us on drift bot on bottom right of the page or fill the form here. We will get in touch to figure out the best plan that fits your needs.