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🧐 Question🔧 Skill💪 Difficulty⌛ Time
Airline Operators - Four airline operators A, B, C
EnglishEasy2 min
Badminton Players - A badminton coach was trying t
Logical ReasoningMedium3 min
Comprehensive income - ProCoder Inc. reported the fol
AccountingMedium2 min
China manufacturing - The cost of manufacturing phon
Verbal ReasoningEasy2 min
Commerical Premises - A large real estate company co
Verbal ReasoningMedium2 min
Decryptor - What does the following pseudo
Technical AptitudeMedium2 min
Fibonacci codes - Here are three pseudocodes for
Time Complexity Pseudo Code
Technical AptitudeMedium2 min
Increasing monthly gross profit - The CEO of Snipr. Inc wants to
Numerical ReasoningEasy2 min
Inventory exchange transaction - Penny Inc. and Vamos Inc. exch
AccountingMedium2 min
Palindrome Test cases - Go through the following fault
Technical AptitudeMedium2 min
Reading Comprehension - <p><a href="https://res.cloudi
EnglishEasy2 min
Rewards Activities Order - A new popular app tracks the a
Database Connection
Technical AptitudeMedium3 min
Sentence Correction - Being unaware of the legal con
EnglishMedium2 min
Website Ads - During the weekly meeting, our
Logical ReasoningEasy2 min

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