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Meet the world's first and only conversational assessments platform

Adaface combines the power of conversational engagement, conversational assessments and vast range of technical skill evaluations into one powerful conversational hiring platform to help your hiring teams in campus hiring, lateral hiring and fully-remote hiring.


Conversational assessment platform

Best candidates are taken off the market within a week. And you want to identify the best of the best in your hiring pipeline. And you need it now. That's where Adaface assessments help. Screen candidates for 700+ skills using customized conversational assessments and identify the top talent for next round interviews.

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How does Adaface fit in your hiring process

Campus hiring

Screen huge volume of applications, reach multiple universities at once and find top candidates accurately

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Lateral hiring

Reduce time-per-hire and hire the best senior candidates by interviewing skills qualified talent

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Candidate engagement

Engage, screen and convert your career page visitors with our conversational chatbot

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Remote hiring

Empower your hiring team to go fully remote with Adaface remote hiring solutions and ATS integrations

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