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Information Security

Learn how Adaface's advanced IT security management helps protect your sensitive information from unauthorized access, phishing, data breaches, and new threats.

Adaface policies safeguard your information

Adaface has strict risk management policies regarding user information assurance. We are committed to ongoing risk assessment and continually improving the security testing, confidentiality, and data integrity of Adaface systems. Key areas include:

  • Access and Authentication Requirements
  • Content Policies
  • Retention and deletion
  • Discovery and Classification
  • Data Loss Prevention

How Adaface protects your information

Team access controls: Employee access to data is granted based on role based access control and all access requires layers of authentication.

Change management: The Adaface Engineering team’s Formal Change Management Policy ensures that changes have been authorized prior to implementation into production environments.

Infrastructure security: Our underlying infrastructure is designed with modern security concepts like defense in depth and based on a zero trust model. Our security controls are tested extensively by our own security team.

Content and data controls: Adaface safeguards your recruiting data with granular permissions and policies and legal holds.

Information security requires transparency

Transparency is everything when it comes to building trust and protecting the rights of our users. To that end, Adaface account managers work with enterprise recruiters to communicate about how we handle government requests for user data.

Learn more about data requests

Enterprise-grade features

At Adaface we enable recruiters to hire the best of the best with conversational hiring. We are continuously innovating and shipping new features to level up your recruiting game. Here's a round-up of Adaface's top features to help you get up to speed and take advantage of all the top features.

We evaluated several of their competitors and found Adaface to be the most compelling. Great library of questions that are designed to test for fit rather than memorization of algorithms.

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