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Adaface Sample Customer Support Questions

Here are some sample Customer Support questions from our premium questions library (10273 non-googleable questions).


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Toy is out of stock!
                                    You work in a children's toy store. One afternoon you notice a customer browsing the store for 15 minutes and looking increasingly annoyed. They approach you, and ask for your help to locate a particular toy the customer wants as a gift for their kid. When you check on your computer, you come to know that the toy is currently out of stock. Which of the following responses would be the most appropriate?
                                    A: Apologize for the toy being out of stock, and suggest that they try (biggest toy store in city) or another toy store.
            B: Share the toy model number, so that they can search for it quickly at another toy store.
            C: Offer to order the toy for the customer. Share how long this would take, and offer to call them when the toy arrives at the store.
            D: Recommend that they try the biggest branch of your store, which is a 30 min drive away.
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Toy is out of stock!
2 mins
Customer Support
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Toy is out of stock!
Customer Support
Easy2 mins

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