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Most Important Adaface features

At Adaface we enable recruiters to hire the best of the best with conversational hiring. We are continuously innovating and shipping new features to level up your recruiting game. Here's a round up of Adaface's top features to help you get up to speed and take advantage of all the top features. This list also meant to serve as single resource to know what features are part of Adaface and discover new features that you might not be aware of yet.

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Conversational Assessment Features

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Multiple question types

Conversational assessments supports MCQs, Coding questions, Descriptive questions, File format submissions etc.


Code editor with compiler and language documentation

Code editor is built into the conversational assessment interface with support for all popular programming languages and language documentation.

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Conversational assessments

Adaface assessments are delivered by a smart chatbot that engages the candidates, clears their doubts, gives them hints and asks on-the-job skill questions as opposted to a traditional test with trick questions.

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Custom assessments

Adaface assessments can be customized as per your job descrption. The experts designed questions are picked to match the seniority level required and complexity of the role. A single Adaface assessment can be used to evaluate candidate on multiple must-have skills.

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700+ skills test library

Adaface provides 100+ ready to go tests and ability to create customized assessments from 700+ skills test libarary including but not limited to aptitude, coding, technical, database, cloud and managerial skills.

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Bulk candidate invites via email or URL

Adaface gives you methods to screen candidates at scale. You can send email invites using Adaface dashboard to hundreds of candidates at once. Alternately you can generate unique links on-demand and share the links with candidates via email, career pages or job ads.


Automated real-time scoring, grading and ranking

Candidates are benchmarked and ranked in real-time. Adaface automatically gives a pass/ border-line pass/ fail status to candidates based on their performance along with a detailed scorecard for further analysis.


Add your own questions

Adaface customizes the assessments with your own questions. The questions will be converted into conversational format for seamless usage.


Email Suite

You can customize email templates for inviting candidates, send shortlist and rejection emails to keep candidates in loop. Adaface automatically engages inactive candidates with customizable reminder emails. You can also track email activity of candidates - open, delivery, clicks for data driven candidate engagement.


Campus hiring

Along with Campus specific tests, Adaface provides campus hiring support for your team to conduct assessments at scale. You can invite hundreds of candidates in bulk and count on us for a seamless remote candidate engagement.

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Lateral hiring

Adaface supports niche skills for your lateral hiring along with customization support for senior roles to help you hire the best candidates for medium and senior roles.

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Career site engagement

Integrate Adaface chatbot into your career pages to engage, convert and screen visitors. Adaface chatbot answers FAQs, collects candidate info and screens them for the must-have skills of the role and sends the results in real-time to your Adaface dashboard.

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Anti Plagiarism Suite

Adaface platform comes with IP proctoring, Webcam proctoring, Window procotring, Tab proctoring, Non-googleable questions, Controlled code editor for preventing cheating and avoiding fraudulent cases.

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Publicly shareable detailed scorecards

Adaface scorecards gives you detailed information about candidate's performance including category wide analysis, proctoring details and full audit logs so that you can take data-powered hiring decisions. You can share the scorecards internally within the team or share public links with hiring managers who need not have Adaface dashboard access.

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Candidate pipeline management

Adaface gives you handy actions to seamleslly manage candidate's pipeline. Candidates are automatically moved from 'invited' stage to 'pending review' sstage. You can move the canddiates 'shortlisted' or 'rejected' stages, trigger automated emails and invite them for next round of interviews - all from a single unified dashboard.


Real-time insights and analytics

Adaface gives you tools to analyze your screening pipeline over weeks, months, years and custom date ranges. The screening funnel markers help you understand which part of the funnel might be lacking or can be improved.


ATS integrations

Adaface is integrated into popular ATS systems and communication tools so that you can use Adaface without leaving your application tracking systems. You can assign conversational tests to job requisitions, invite candidates to assessments, view the scores and access scorecards within the ATS using Adaface integrations.

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Guides and resources

We provide access to ever-growing library of Adaface internal guides and resources so that your team always has a handy knowledge base to empower themselves with latest in HR.


Role based access control

Adaface allows for the separation of privileges by user role. You can manage your team with roles like Recruiter, Hiring manager, Grader etc and control access levels for individual roles.


End-to-end security

Adaface's top priority is to safeguard your company's data. We deploy industry standard security practices to make sure your data and application is end-to-end secure.

Enterprise Features

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Single sign-on (SSO)

Adaface enables enterprises to manage users from a single, central directory. Securely log in to multiple applications with one set of login credentials through our single sign-on (SSO).


Audit Logs

Adaface provides admins with a detailed trail of account activity.


Deep integration API

Adaface integration API helps enterprises to integrate conversational assessments into their existing systems seamlessly.

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Scheduled Reports

Adaface's scheduled reports are configured to metrics your team needs. Stay on top of your assessment pipeline with reports directly in your email so that your entire team is on the same page.


99.99% uptime and priority support

We provide 99.99% uptime and priority support in case of emergencies so that your team can use Adaface 24/7 for your recruitment needs.


Exportable Reports and Analytics

Adaface's powerful analytics gives you different ways to visualize the value gained by using Adaface. The reports are exportable so that you can share them across your organization.


Dedicated account manager

Adaface account managers work with your team in customizing Adaface to your recruitment processes and also work with you to attain your recruitment goals throughout the product usage.


Custom branding

Adaface customizability allows it to be branded to your theming. You can change the bot name, theme and designs to fit your branding.


GDPR and EEOC compliant

Adaface is fully compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) and ATP guidelines

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