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Advanced proctoring to ensure accurate assessments

Adaface cheating prevention mechanisms facilitate seamless test experience help you drive quality assessments


Non-googleable questions

Adaface questions are custom designed to your role and job descriptions. Questions in our library are non-googleable making it hard for the candidates to cheat on the test. Adaface has web crawlers to automatically detect leaked questions and replace them.

Customized assessments

Question-wide timer

Adaface conversational assessments have question-wide timers giving no gap for candidates to leave the chat and google online. Once a question is answered or the timer is complete, candidate cannot come back to or see the previous questions.

Conversational Assessments

IP proctoring

Adaface IP proctoring detection alerts you when multiple candidates from the same IP address take the assessment. Candidates IP address, city and country are tracked and reported for detailed location analysis.

Window and tab proctoring

Candidates are restricted to Adaface assessment session and are alerted if they move to different tabs and windows. Switch logs analytics helps recruiters understand when candidate switched tabs and decide whom to qualify or fail

Webcam/Video proctoring

Adaface webcam proctoring features capture candidates webcam at regular intervals. Webcam proctored assessments ensure candidate's can only give the assessment if they enable their webcam properly to make sure recruiters have the webcam data of every candidate.

Controlled code editor

Adaface chat environment has copy paste disabled. But since candidate's require language documentation to write code, Adaface provides programming language documentation right within the chat so that candidates don't need to switch the session.

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