A sales trainee in your company has been engaging with a prospect for a while. When she is trying to close, they object and mention that they really like the product but they need a 5 year warranty. Your company only offers a 3 year warranty for that product, and there is no option to upgrade or extend the warranty. How do you think she should approach this?
A: I understand that you would prefer a 5 year warranty but based on the things you said were important to you, this product meets all of your requirements. Is that fair?

B: I’m sorry, we do not offer a 5 year warranty but we uniquely address all other requirements. Is there any reason you cannot consider the warranty issue within the overall context– what would justify a 5 year warranty for you with the right product?

C: I think your real objection might be that of quality. I can provide data and testimonials to prove our market leadership and reliability. Would that solve your problem?

D: I understand that quality and reliability are important and I can show you survey data to prove that this is the most reliable product in the market. So then warranty should not be an issue, right?