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Adaface Sample Project Management Questions

Here are some sample Project Management questions from our premium questions library (10273 non-googleable questions).


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Aggregate Deviation
Su is the project manager for a Bengaluru based video storage company. The allowable deviation for video compression time is ±150 milliseconds. They use a third party service which offers an API for video compression. The third party service delivers documentation with the latest version of the API which states that the requirements are being met as per specification. Su’s team conducts multiple quality tests on the API. The aggregate deviation found by her team is 155 milliseconds, but the team says this variation from the permissible deviation is negligible. What should Su do?
A: Allow the API since the third party vendor provided the product on time
            B: Allow the API for now, but ask the third party vendor for an explanation
            C: Document the low level of quality, allow the API to be used and work with the third party vendor to find a solution
            D: Reject the API and ask the third party vendor to provide the product within the allowable deviation
            E: Use the API for now, and start developing their own video compression API to use in the future
            F: Halt the project and start developing their own video compression API
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Aggregate Deviation
2 mins
Project Management
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Aggregate Deviation
Project Management
Medium2 mins

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