Sameera set up a build environment where Jenkins will check a Git repo for changes every hour and apply that build to 40 servers. Jenkins also runs some scripted performance based tests. On the basis of the results, it marks the build as complete or rolls back the build and marks it as failed and updates the team. Recently Sameera observes that the build itself is taking over an hour to finish, which sometimes affects the push of updates. What changes could Sameera make to improve the time it takes to complete and test a build?
A: Remove performance testing from the build, and schedule it as a separate job 30 minutes after the build runs and trigger a rollback if the testing fails.

B: Create additional Jenkins Masters and deploy to each one. Schedule the job staggered by 30 minutes on each, so that additional master servers won't be busy if the first job takes longer to run.

C: Add one or more slaves allowing us to deploy code to multiple end points at a time. Break up the job into multiple jobs so that each can be triggered upon successful completion of the previous job. This will eliminate scheduling issues on beginning a new build when subsequent steps take longer than intended. 

D: None of these would work in the current scenario.