21 members from 4 countries (South Africa, US, Australia and Germany) attended a World Bank meeting. Each member was an expert in one of 4 fields- minimum wage, health, poverty and immigration. We know the following about the members:

1. Emily and Ross are experts in poverty studies from Australia and they attended the meeting. 2. The meeting did not have any experts on minimum wage from South Africa. Other than that there was atleast 1 expert from each field from each country, including South Africa. 3. The number of experts on minimum wage was exactly half the number of experts in each of the other 3 fields. 4. If there was an less expert from Australia, US would have had twice as many experts as each of the other countries. 5. In any field, none of the countries had more than 3 experts.

If Mindy is the only US expert in poverty who attended the meeting, which of the following statements are true: A: There is 1 immigration expert from South Africa. B: There are 2 health experts from US. C: There is 1 health expert from South Africa. D: There are 3 immigration experts from US.