Adaface empowers recruitment teams and hiring managers with powerful scorecards that give great insights into a candidate's assessment for a particular role. Here's an overview of how to analyze Adaface scorecards and share them with your team.

Short summary

Every scorecard has a high level short summary which highlights

  • Percentage score
  • Proctoring detail
  • Pass/Fail status
  • Personal information of candidate
Note: Additionally for enterprise user accounts with public scorecards feature, you can view and copy the public link to scorecard. Public links can be shared externally and DOES NOT require logging into the platform to view the results. Please use it cautiously. In case, you gave out a public link that you have to close, reach out to

Subject analysis

Adaface provides category wide breakdown of candidate scores for quicker analysis. This feature is especially helpful if candidate is marked as 'borderline passed'. Depending on core must-have skills and candidate performance on those skills, you can decide where to shortlist or archive the candidate. Ex: In above snapshot, we can see candidate scored poor in coding question (but not zero! so they wrote some successful code but missed on edge cases) but performed well in Java and moderately well in Hibernate and Spring. If the company has bandwidth to hire an engineer whom they can internally guide towards better coding practices but they must know basics of Java/ Hibernate, they can take this candidate forward.

Question level data

We breakdown candidate score into question level scoring for granular analysis on how candidate performed in different questions. This also helps compare two different candidates who got similar overall score but scored differently in different category questions. Each question can be further expanded to get more details about the question and candidate's attempt.

Get scorecards delivered to your inbox

We provide a method to get scorecards delivered to your email. For this, you need to be added as grader for the assessment. Once added as grader, you will receive an email notification with scorecard immediately once candidate finishes the assessment. You can read here on how to do this.

Share scorecards internally and externally

To share scorecards, Adaface provides four ways

  • Sharing internally with teammates who already using the same Adaface account: You can simply share the URL of the scorecard while you are viewing or give candidate name to your colleague who can enter it in candidates view and then click on 'view scorecard' to get the scorecard
  • Share link to graders via email: As explained in previous section
  • Share public link: This is an enterprise feature. Once enabled, you can copy the 'public link' from any scorecard and share it
  • Share PDF: This is an enterprise feature. Once enabled, you can click on 'PDF' button in scorecard to download a rich, expanded version of scorecard.

You can get in touch with us at for any queries.