Adaface is customizable end-to-end to improve your team's productivity to the fullest. You can track candidates, send assessment invites, manage your team, view scorecards, reports and analytics all within your beautiful Adaface dashboard and your ATS.

One dashboard to track all stages of your hiring funnel

You can track candidate's status, shortlist or archive candidates all within one single interface so that your entire team is in sync.

Manage your team

Invite your recruiters, hiring managers and talent acquisition team to your Adaface dashboard so that you can collectively make decisions on top candidates. We offer role based user access management for granular control. Check out our enterprise ready features.

Send invites

Invite candidates to your assessments the way you want to. You can send email invites, use our ATS integrations or use Adaface public links to seamlessly pool candidates from different sources/ different hiring stages and send them assessments automatically. Checkout candidate experience tour to understand what happens once you send invites to candidates and why they love our assessments. Hiring from campus? With our campus hiring features your team can bulk invite candidates and manage assessments remotely.

Track candidate status and take actions

Get notified immediately with candidate scores once they finish the assessment. You can get snapshot of all candidate scores to know who are the top candidates as well as take individual actions on them by shortlisting or archiving them.

Keep your team in the loop with detailed scorecards

With Adaface granular and data-rich scorecards, your hiring managers have 360 degree view on how the candidate performed in the assessment. Adaface comes with publicly shareable scorecards so that you can enable hiring team to access the candidate reports without logging in.

Edit assessment tests on the fly

Adaface tests are 100% customizable. You can proctor the assessment, toggle cut off score or decide to timebox the assessment with a click of a button from your dashboard and all instances of the assessment are updated on the fly.

Truly custom assessments

Our subject matter experts make sure the tests are tailored to your job description so that you hire the right candidates. Go through our library of 700+ tests and request a custom assessment right within the platform.

Integrate with your existing tools

Whether its application tracking systems or communication tools, Adaface integrates with them all to make sure you have access to Adaface features right where you need it. Check out our partner integrations to see how you can enable them. Want to add Adaface to your ATS? Contact us and our team will be on it right away!