Adaface enterprise platform provides advanced proctoring abilities so that human intervention is minimized for every candidate. Our state-of-art webcam monitoring and window restriction facilitate a smooth test experience and enables recruiters to watch and analyze actions of candidates sitting anywhere in the world.

Advanced window monitoring

Adaface platform works on any browser/ device without any extra installation. The platform monitors candidate tab and window switching activities so that you get to know when they changed tabs during the assessment. An automatic alert is shown to candidate so that they stick to assessment tab for the duration of the assessment. Our advanced window monitoring prevents cheating by disabling copy paste, blurring solved questions and using non-googleable questions.

Test timeboxing

Recruiters can enable/ disable timeboxing for every assessment from their dashboard. This helps restrict candidate from taking time to discuss the problems with anyone or use internet. Our advanced timeboxing provides question-level timeboxing as well as test level timeboxing.

Randomize questions and answers

Recruiters can confidently conduct Adaface assessments at scale with our randomization features. All the questions and options will be randomized for different candidates. Our advanced randomization can take it even further with adaptive questions based on candidates' performance on previous questions.

Webcam proctoring and analysis

With Adaface , you can track a candidate's test progress with the help of real-time image proctoring that captures images of the candidate during the test. Our image analysis provides a detailed scorecard and red flags are marked if candidate has used any unfair means during the test.