Adaface enables you to save precious internal resources by automating first round interviews in your hiring process. With our expert designed assessments, you can take top candidates directly to in-person interviews with confidence.

Shorter assessments that candidates love
Candidates have reserved lesser time for giving assessments. For this particular reason, Adaface assessments are designed to be short so that candidate invests as less time as possible but still enough to showcase their expertise.

Coding simulators for all popular languages and tools
Adaface technical screening assessments cover all popular programming languages and technical frameworks. You can effectively screen out irrelevant candidates so that your team can expedite the interviews for the right talent.

Custom assessments to fit your job description
Every job description is different and every role requires different skills. We deliver fastest custom assessments tailored to your needs.

Granular scorecards for data-driven hiring
Our bot, Ada, mimicks in-person interviews to give hints when candidates are stuck and tracks at which point the candidate was able to come up with the solution. It uses this data to get a granular scorecard as compared to alternatives where only a handful candidates pass and everyone else fails completely.

Assess candidates on Skill, Personality & Ability

Adaface test library of 700+ tests make sure you are covered for all your needs. Check our our assessments to see what fits your needs:

Why Companies Love Adaface

NO trick questions
Questions we use in our assessments stay true to the skill you're looking to assess candidates in. We do not include trick questions just to filter out candidates. Every candidate gets a fair chance to showcase their skills.

Friendly candidate experience
We understand how much candidate experience matters to you. Our bot, Ada, provides a friendly experience to candidates throughout the assessment journey (from giving details about the role & company, giving hints they are stuck etc.) making sure that candidates have a smile on their face at the end of the chat, irrespective of the result. Our average candidate NPS is 4.4/5 ❤️.