Adaface platform is 100% customizable with enterprise grade features to cover all your assessment requirements.

700+ assessments to use

Our test library covers all the skills you want to evaluate in a candidate for. Using our wizard, you can request an assessment related to your job description and get a custom assessment prefectly suited to your requirements.

Truly custom assessments

Every company and job requirement is different. So our subejct matter experts create assessments that are tailor made to your requirements so that you don't use harder or easier questions but just the right ones.

Multiple programming language support

Our platform supports all popular programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP and more. Check the full list here.

Multiple Question Types

Our bot can discuss all question types right within the chat with the candidate- MCQs, coding questions, accepting resumes and descriptive questions, image based questions, audio based questions, case study questions. All the question types come with in-built intelligence.

Enterprise ready

Adaface platform is 100% customizeable and covers all enterprise ready features like SSO, UAM. You can check our full list of enterprise features here.

Candidate management

You can manage your candidate assessment pipeline all from our dashboard. Ex: get a snapshot of where different candidates lie in the funnel, whom to shortlist and whom to reject.

Invite candidates

Adaface provides multiple ways to invite candidates to your assessments.

Test timeboxing

Adaface timeboxing provides question level customization so that you can measure how candidates perform under specific timelines.

Window and Tab proctoring

With Adaface, you can track and restrict candidate from switching the tabs/ windows during the test for accurate test results and avoiding fraudulent data.

Cancel unused invites

You can cancel unused invites from Adaface dashboard before the candidate starts the test at any point.

Add your own questions

Adaface provides support to add your own questions. Our bot will be customized to ask your questions seamlessly with minimal inputs from your team.

Career page integration

Don't miss out on great candidates coming to your career pages. Adaface career page integration makes it seamless so that candidates directly take the technical interview if they are interested and you are notified of top candidates with zero involvement. No more anxiety of missing good candidates.

Share your test to public

With Adaface one-link, you can share a unique link paired to your assessment with in your job postings. Our bot Ada, collects all critical information from candidates and also complete techincal screening in one single chat. Remove the hassle of collecting information and scheduling tests.

Reports and Analytics

Adaface provides detailed candidate reports for every assessment. Coding assessments are also automatically scores so that your team doesn't need to waste time going through every candidate's code. Read here to know why you will never miss a top candidate with Adaface scorecards.

ATS and Slack integration

Adaface seamlessly integrates with your application track system so that you can manage all candidates and assessments within your ATS system. Check our integrations to know how to integrate Adaface with your system.


Adaface is an API first platform giving your team ability to deeply integrate with every Adaface functionality through API. Talk to us and we will work with your technical team to setup a seamless workflow.

Positive candidate experience

Candidate 💖 Adaface. We have ~4.5/5 average rating from candidates so far and we can't wait to extend the best user experience to your candidates as well. Take our candidate experience tour to know more.

Customize Adaface to your theme

Adaface platform can be customized to showcase your brand. From bot name to color themes, our team works with you to make sure Adaface fits with your palette.

Dedicated account manager

Adaface assigns a dedicated manager to your account from Day 0. Your account manager works with you ay every point during product usage to make sure you hit your success metrics and Adaface is seamlessly integrated in your recruitment ecosystem.

Programming content support

Adaface provides extra hands when you are conducting large scale programming contests so that you can manage the contest completely remotely without worrying about volume of applications.

Onboarding support

Adaface provides customized onboarding experience so that your entire team gets familiar on how to use Adaface. We also provide guides and resources so that you can train your internal teams about Adaface.

Priority support

Adaface provides support from multiple channels so that you can reach out to us in any way that's easiest to you. We provide email, phone and in-app support throughout the product usage.