Resumes can tell you only so much. Create custom assessments with Adaface to screen engineers and hire the best.

Screen engineers

Screen engineers with custom assessment created by our subject matter experts, based on your job description. Choose from over 750+ assessments for all programming languages, all popular frameworks and other skills like DevOps. Combine multiple skills into one assessment to find the best engineers.

Skill based hiring

Evaluate engineers on on-the-job skills instead of filtering based on resumes. Standarize your hiring process, find the most qualified engineers for the role, and make that hire faster!

Why Adaface?

All programming languages and frameworks

Our library of questions covers all major programming languages (Java/ Python/ JavaScript etc), all major frameworks (React/ Node/ Angular/ Spring etc). Our questions are created by a team of top engineers, and the focus is to test for on-the-job skills, as opposed to theoretical knowledge. This helps you identify the top candidates for the role.

Friendly interface

Noone wants to give a test. Our bot Ada has a conversation with all your candidates. Ada can answer questions your candidates have about the role, company, and can ask technical/ coding questions for both the candidate and company to determine if there is a mutual fit.

Data driven evaluation

Ada has a built in code editor with a run time environment. Ada can evaluate the candidate's code for correctness against multiple test cases, and also the time complexity of their solution. Ada can also give hints to the candidates if they get stuck with a particular test case, or are unsure of how to optimize their code.

Rich scorecards/ reports

At the end of each conversation, Ada can generate a report for the hiring manager to review. The scorecard contains the information on their performance for each question, hints taken, time taken, etc. Ada also gives you a quick snapshot of the section wise scoring for each candidate so you have detailed insights into their strengths and weaknesses.

Adaface supports 32 programming languages (Java/ JavaScript/ Python/ R/ C++/ C# etc), all popular frameworks (Node/ React/ Angular/ Spring/ Selenium etc).