Adaface coding test platform is built right into our chatbot experience and our unique coding platform features helps candidates perform at their best to give you granular and accurate data.

Adaface coding platform built into the chat

Support for 60+ programming languages and versions

Our platform supports all programming languages and gives candidates ability to switch between the languages seamlessly while coding. Boilerplates will be provided in all languages so that candidate can focus on writing only one function making it easier for candidate to solve the question.

No trick questions

Adaface coding questions are custom designed by our subject matter experts and doesn't contain tricks just to filter out candidates. The questions are short and easy to understand so that candidates get to invest time in solving the challenges.

Built-in language documentation

Programmers use Google/ StackOverflow regularly in their day-to-day work and are not comfortable coding without access to those tools. In Adaface coding platform, we provided language documentation handy in the editor so that they don't need to switch tabs/ windows and still has access to all required information.

Hints to capture accurate data

Our bot gives candidates increasingly revealing hints when stuck and tracks how many hints candidate took to solve a question. This data is used for scoring helps in coming with a granular score.

Doubts clarification to remove false positives and negatives

Out bot creates an engaging experience similar to in-person interview. If a candidate has any doubts once coding question is asked, they can ask our bot the doubts and get them clarified.

Test-cases based automatic evaluation

All of our coding questions are automatically evaluated against secure test cases to generate automatic scorecard. All the data is reported in our scorecards for your hiring managers to go through and evaluate the candidate further.