Adaface helps you automate hiring right when candidates land on your career pages. You don't waste time screening resumes and scheduling interviews.

Our bot Ada engages candidates, collects their details and conducts an assessment all within your careers page so that you can identify top candidates before your competitors do.

Hire 60% faster without resume bias
Adaface engages all candidates and puts everyone through a technical assessment fit to the job they are interested in. This removes the reliance on resumes with self-reported skills and your team can confidently take top candidates to next rounds.

Automation right from the Apply button
With Adaface automation, your recruitment team does not have to spend time screening 1000's of resumes and waste time scheduling interviews for all candidates with your hiring team.

ATS integrations for seamless transition
Adaface integrates with your ATS so that all candidate details will flow automatically to your ATS along with candidate scores in technical evaluation.

Built-in Candidate Engagement
Along with technical evaluation, our bot Ada answers candidates queries regarding the role, collects their resume and other details. No more boring forms. Ada can automatically keep candidates in loop about their application status so that candidates have a healthy relationship with your hiring team without any manual efforts.

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