Adaface provides a seamless experience for candidates so that they can present their best selves during the assessment and associate a positive experience with your brand.


Adaface lets you send invites in various fashions so that you can use the one that best automates your hiring process.

One link
You can have our bot Ada, on a single link so that you can share it with all of your candidates. Don't worry about collecting candidate information manually. Our bot picks up all candidate information - email, phone number, resume and any other information your team needs right from the chat and sends it to your ATS. All you need to do is share Adaface Link with your candidates.

Email invites
Send friendly assessment invites to candidates over email right within your Adaface dashboard. With our ATS integrations, it is just a click of a button to automatically send email invites to your candidates. Read more about our integrations here.

Invite email to candidate redirects to this personalised invite page

Assessment platform

Adaface assessment platform is a fully functional in-browser chat session for your selected assessment. No extra installations needed.

Candidate engagement
Out bot, Ada, engages the candidates with a warm welcome and sets the agenda for the discussion with the candidate so that candidates know what to expect from the assessment. You can customize Adaface tests so that our bot gives an opportunity for candidate to know more about the company, role and team by asking questions to the bot. You can also collect data from candidate about their motivations and expectations from the role so that your hiring managers have rich data when candidates are taken to in-person rounds. Provide personalized candidate engagement with Adaface for positive branding.

Meaningful assessments
All of our assessments are set by subject matter experts and we have a strick NO TRICK questions policy. Every Adaface assessment is designed to test for the skills that are required for the job and not school like tests. We also make sure the tests are shorter so that candidates can do it ASAP. They invest as less time as possible but still enough to showcase their expertise.

Powerful coding platform
Want to test your candidates on coding skills? Adaface got you covered with a fully functional code editor built right in to the chat. On the top of industry standard code editor, candidates get to ask our bot for hints, clarify their doubts and have access to documentation of their favorite programming languages so that they can code seamlessly during the assessment. Take a look at our supported languages.

Rich MCQ questions
Adaface MCQ questions asked by our bot is powered with hints feature. When a candidate makes a mistake, our bot gives increasingly revealing hints to see at which point candidate was able to solve the question. Each single interaction and data point is tracked and our bot generates a granular score for each question using this data.

Enterprise ready
Adaface platform comes with rich enterprise features like Proctoring and timeboxing so that you can enable cheating detection and time the tests according to your requirements. Read more on how we make the platform secure here.

Candidate status and reports

Once candidates finish their assessment, you will receive candidate scores automatically.

Reports in your ATS and email
Adaface customization allows your team to make Adaface work the way you want to. We seamlessly integrate into your current ATS solution so that you receive a notification right in your ATS with the link to candidate scorecard. You can also set graders for assessments so that you get an email notification immediately after candidate completes the test. This lets you identify top candidates faster and expedite the interview scheduling process so that you never lose a great candidate to a competitor.

Rejection email and candidate status link
Optionally, Adaface lets you keep the candidates in the loop about their application for better candidate experience. You can send rejection emails, let candidates know about the application progress all within the Adaface ecosystem without extra overhead to your team. Talk to us for a demo today.

Granular scoring
Adaface scorecards are granular and detailed so that you can make the best decisions and never miss out on great candidates. Our scorecards showcase breakdown of candidate performance on each question.

Notice the granular scores in Q1 and Q4