Answering candidate questions and FAQs

Ada starts the conversation with answering common questions candidates have about the company. Ada can answer questions like: What is the career progression like in this role?, What is the leave policy like?, Where is the office located? etc. This information is collected from the company during the onboarding process.

Reminder emails

Candidates are busy, most of them have a full-time job and might be applying for several roles at the same time. So sometimes, they forget about the assessment invite, or might not have found the time to complete it. This is why Ada sends out upto 2 reminder emails for candidates that have not attempted the technical chat after being invited. This makes sure that all candidates who are truly interested in the role appear for the chat to know about the company, role and expectation of skills, and you can evaluate their skills against that role. The reminder emails are typically sent out 2 days after the invite, and then 3 days after the first reminder. This is customizable.

Application Status

At each step in the hiring process, it is extremely important to keep the candidates updated regarding their application status.

A candidate that you have shortlisted, is very likely to be shortlisted by several other companies that they're applying for. If you're not quick to tell them that you would like to move forward with them, they might already accept another offer by the time you get to it.

Adaface makes it easier to keep candidates in the loop regarding their application status. With a click of a button, you can change the status for your applicants for them to check.

Rejection emails

As a recruiter, you're probably very busy trying to fill crucial roles in your company. You're so busy sourcing candidates, conducting phone screens and setting up interviews, that you might not have the time to let candidates know that you won't be moving forward with their application. It is probably the last thing on your to-do list.

Noone likes to be at the receiving end of a rejection email, but what hurts even more is never hearing back. The candidate took the time to apply for the role, and potentially go through a part of the screening/ interview process, it is only fair that you let them know as soon as possible if you're not going forward with them. This way the candidate can move on as soon as possible and look for other opportunities.

It is understandable that it's very difficult to be sending out rejection emails to 119 candidates out of the 120 who applied, but it is also very easy to fix. Adaface provides you a quick way to send rejection emails directly from the dashboard with 1 click. The rejection email template is customizable, so you can use the messaging appropriate by your company standards.

While we recommend sending rejection emails with personalized feedback if the candidate has spent significant time interviewing with your company, this is the next best way to do it at scale at the screening stage.