Adaface Campus Hiring features enables you to have the most seamless automated hiring process so that you can hire entry level candidates with ease.

Modern chat based assessment tool
Empower your team with Adaface assessments to organize recruitment drives without hurdles. Adaface powers your team with remote proctoring and anti-cheating mechanism to get best candidates to interviews.

Works anywhere at scale
Adaface assessment platform works on any browser the candidates use. No extra installations needed all the while giving you the abilities to proctor and time the assessments. With our assessments you can screen thousands of candidates simultaneously so that you can conduct a contest on campus as well without worrying about volume of candidates.

Coding simulators for all popular languages and tools
Adaface technical screening assessments cover all popular programming languages and technical frameworks. You can effectively screen out irrelevant candidates so that your team can focus only on the right talent. Read more to find out about our powerful coding platform.

Data driven hiring decisions
Adaface's granular and detailed assessments reports power your team to make better decisions and predict candidate success. We create customized reports according to metrics that matter to your team. Talk to us to know more.

Assess candidates on Skill, Personality & Ability

Adaface test library of 700+ tests make sure you are covered for all your needs. Check our our assessments to see what fits your needs:

Why Companies Love Adaface

NO trick questions
Questions we use in our assessments stay true to the skill you're looking to assess candidates in. We do not include trick questions just to filter out candidates. Every candidate gets a fair chance to showcase their skills.

Friendly candidate experience
We understand how much candidate experience matters to you. Our bot, Ada, provides a friendly experience to candidates throughout the assessment journey (from giving details about the role & company, giving hints they are stuck etc.) making sure that candidates have a smile on their face at the end of the chat, irrespective of the result. Our average candidate NPS is 4.4/5 ❤️.