Adaface aptitude tests help you find top performers, and give you a holistic overview of the candidates' general aptitude.

Our library of aptitude questions covers the following topics:

  1. Logical reasoning
  2. Abstract reasoning
  3. Verbal ability
  4. Comprehension
  5. Problem solving
  6. Basic math and stats
  7. Quant
  8. Visual and spatial reasoning
  9. Critical thinking

Depending on the role you're hiring for, and the seniority level, our subject matter create a custom aptitude test for you with the relevant questions to help you find the top performers for that role. The test will combine questions of multiple skills, so you can test your candidates on multiple aspects with just one test. The mix will depend on the role and seniority level you're hiring for.

The tests can be customized for lateral and campus hiring, with varying levels of difficulty.

Ada generates a scorecard for each candidate instantly once they complete. The scorecard contains the information on their performance for each question, hints taken, time taken, etc. The scorecard provides you with a detailed analysis of the skills, strengths and weaknesses of each candidates.

View our full list of aptitude tests here.