With Adaface & SmartRecruiters integration, you can easily invite, assess, share and view powerful reports within SmartRecruiters workflow.

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Get the best of both worlds

What you can do with Adaface and SmartRecruiters integration:

Custom-made assessment tests

Get custom tests those are specific to your job requirement. Our subject matter experts analyze your job description and skill requirements to setup custom tests that filter out unfit candidates precisely.

Conduct assessments

You don't need to switch to Adaface dashboard to send assessments to candidates. With a click of button in SmartRecruiters, Adaface automatically collects candidate email id and sends assessment invite to candidate over email.

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Access 750+ assessments

Access 750 ready skill tests and aptitude tests created by subject matter experts. Once added to your Adaface dashboard, the same tests will be accessible within SmartRecruiters dashboard. Check our test library.

Detailed Reports

You can access candidates scorecards/ reports within SmartRecruiters ATS directly. Once candidate completes an assessment, within a minute, you will receive a notification in SmartRecruiters with a link to candidate scorecard accessible to your entire team. Optionally you can also trigger email alerts upon test completion from Adaface by adding yourself as a grader. Want to try it out? Get started for free.

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