Adaface Online Pre-Employment Hiring Assessment Tests

Adaface provides you an extensive inventory of technical and aptitude assessments. The tests cater to a wide range of candidates and have been specially designed to provide the maximum actionable insight about every candidate

.Net Design Patterns Test Abstract Reasoning Test Accounting Aptitude Test Advanced Excel Online Test Agile Project Management Test AJAX Test Amazon Redshift Test Amazon Web Services (AWS) Test Android Developer Test (Advance) Android Test (Basic) Angular 2 Online Test Angular 4 Online Test AngularJS Online Test Ansible & Jenkins Online Test Apache Ant Test Apache Cassandra Online Test Apache Cordova Test Apache Hadoop YARN Test Apache Tomcat Test Apache Zookeeper Online Test Appium Test (Android Testing) Appium Test (iOS Testing) Aptitude Test for System Administrator Architect Aptitude Test ASP .NET Framework Test Asp.Net MVC 5 Test ASP.Net Test (4.5 Framework) ASP.Net Web API Test AWS CloudFormation Test AWS Data Engineering Test AWS Test (Basic) Azure App Services Test Azure Bot Services Test Azure Data Factory Test Azure Machine Learning Test Backbone.JS Test Basic Aptitude Test Basics of Software Programming Test Big Data Assessment Test Blockchain Test Blue Prism Assessment Test Bootstrap Test (Advance) Bootstrap Test (Basic) Business Analyst Aptitude Test Business Analyst ERP Test Business Analyst Excel Test Business Analyst IT Test Business Analyst Wealth Management Test Business Development Test Business Intelligence Analyst Test C Coding Test (Basic) C Coding Test (High) C Coding Test (Medium) C Language Test C# .NET Architect Test C# .NET Junior Developer Test C# .NET OOPs Test C# .NET Senior Developer Test C# .Net Subjective Test C# 6.0 test C# ASP.NET MVC Test C# Coding Test (Basic) C# Coding Test (High) C# Coding Test (Medium) C++ Coding Test (Basic) C++ Coding Test (High) C++ Coding Test (Medium) C++ Language Test CakePHP Test Cloud Computing Test Computer Programmer Aptitude Test Core Java Test CSS Test (Cascading Style Sheets) CSS3 Test (Cascading Style Sheets) Cucumber Test D3.JS Test Data Analyst Excel Test Data Interpretation Test Data Mining Test Data Science & Analytics Test Database, SQL Online Test Software Engineer Test Senior Software Engineer Test Software Developer Test Full Stack Engineer Test Senior Full Stack Engineer Test Backend Engineer Test Senior Backend Engineer Test Web Developer Test Deep Learning Test DevOps AWS Test DevOps Test (Salesforce) Django Online Test Docker Test Drupal Test Email Etiquette Test Embedded C Test English Proficiency Test (Basic) English Proficiency Test (Intermediate) Entry Level C Test Entry Level Computer Graduates Online Test Entry Level Graduates Test ETL Assessments Express Test Financial Accounting Test Financial Analyst Aptitude Test Front End Developer Online Test Senior Front End Developer Online Test Go Test (Go Programming Language Test) Gradle Test Graduate Aptitude Test Grails Test Grammar and Vocabulary Test Groovy Test Grunt Test Gulp Test Hadoop Online Test Hibernate Test HTML5 Test IBM DB2 Database Test IBM DB2 Fundamentals Test IBM DB2 SQL Developer Test IBM Mainframe Assembler Test IBM Mainframe REXX Test IBM Mainframe Test IMCAT | Cognitive Ability Test Investment Analyst Test Ionic Test iOS Online Test (Objective-C) IOS Swift Test Jasmine Test Java 8 Test Java API Test Java Architect MCQ Test Java Coding Test (Basic) Java Coding Test (High) Java Coding Test (Medium) Java Full Stack Developer Skill Test Java Senior Developer Test Java Swing Test JavaScript Test Jmeter Test JQuery Test Junior Java Developer Test JUnit Test Kanban Test Karma Test Kubernetes Test (K8s) Laravel Online Test Linux Assessment Test Linux Commands Test Logical reasoning Test Machine Learning Test Magento Online Test Mainframe Production Support Test Microsoft BI Test Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Developer Test Microsoft SQL Server Test (2012 Administrator) Mocha Test MongoDB Test MS SQL Test (Basic) MySQL DBA Test MySQL Test Natural Language Processing (NLP) Test Nginx Online Test Node.js Online Test NoSQL Test Assessment Objective-C Test Online Git Test Online Linux Bash Test Online Numerical Reasoning Test Oracle DBA Online Test Perl Test PHP 7 Programming Test PHP Coding Test (Basic) PHP Coding Test (High) PHP Coding Test (Medium) PHP Senior Developer Test PHP Web Developer Test Play Framework Test (Java) PostgreSQL Online Test PowerShell Test Pre-employment English Test(Advanced) Product Manager Test Project Management Test Python 3 Coding Test (Basic) Python 3 Coding Test (High) Python 3 Coding Test (Medium) Python Coding Test (Basic) Python Coding Test (High) Python Coding Test (Medium) Python Pandas Test Python Test QA Aptitude Test QA Assessment Test (Advance) QA Beginner Test QA Online Test (Automation) QA Test Intermediate Quantitative Analyst Quantitative Aptitude Test (Advance) Quantitative Aptitude Test (Basic) Quantitative Aptitude Test Online React Native Online Test React.js Test Rest Test( Java WebServices ) Ruby on Rails Test Ruby Test SCALA Test Selenium Subjective test Selenium Test Selenium WebDriver Test Shell Online Assessment Test Shell Test Spark Test Spring Boot Test Spring Cloud Test Spring Online Test Spring REST Test SQL Azure Test SQLite Online Test Technical Aptitude Test Test Driven Development (TDD) Test Testing Fundamentals Test TypeScript Online Test Underscore JS Test Verbal Ability Test Verbal Ability Test (Advance) Verbal Reasoning Test Visual Basic Test Visual Reasoning Test Vue.js Test

How Adaface assessments are created

Step 1

Experts craft interesting challenges that reflect real world scenarios of varying difficulty levels

Step 2

Each question undergoes a thorough QA process, which checks for EEOC compliance, correctness, relevance etc

Step 3

The difficulty level for each question is calculated

Step 4

Our algorithms continuously update the metadata for each question based on analytics

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