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Introducing Adaface for Enterprises: Enabling conversational assessments for hiring best candidates

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Fastlane dla najlepszych pracowników


Reduce time to hire by 80% with with Oceny konwersacyjne


Screen candidates on all on-the-job must-have skills required for the job with Ponad 700 umiejętności Biblioteka oceny


Apartament przeciw plagiatu z Zaawansowane proktorowaniezatrudnić na skalę

Pre-packaged playbooks to hit your hiring goals

Enterprise-ready platform to hire at scale

ATS integrations to seamlessly work with your existing systems

  • greenhouse
  • workable
  • slack
  • turbohire
  • smartrecruiters
  • successfactors

You don't have to settle for traditional way of screening candidates

40 min tests.
No trick questions.
Accurate shortlisting.