Telecommunications Specialist Job Description Template/Brief

We are hiring a Telecommunications Specialist to help us build, implement, monitor, repair, and manage communication systems and equipment. You will be working in a fast-paced atmosphere to guarantee that all communication systems function correctly.

Candidates must have a strong background, appropriate industry experience, and an expert-level grasp of all communications systems and equipment, such as computers, telephones, communication circuits, and so on, to succeed in this job function. So, if you enjoy working in a demanding atmosphere and meet the following qualifications, we want to hear from you.

Telecommunications Specialist Job Profile

Telecommunications specialists are knowledgeable about analogue and digital telecommunications systems and networks. They supervise the installation and maintenance of equipment and systems, monitor computer network interactions, perform diagnostic testing, and make updates and adjustments to telecommunications equipment and devices.

Reports To

  • Communications Lead
  • C Suite

Telecommunications Specialist Responsibilities

  • Oversee, manage, and offer technical advice/guidance on telecommunications systems
  • Monitor and test systems and peripheral equipment, as well as resolve issues with them
  • Evaluate system performance and make modifications
  • Be in charge of and coordinate all telecommunications activities
  • Purchase electronic equipment/systems and establish financial reasons for higher management reporting
  • Train employees to improve their abilities
  • Determine consumers' demands based on customer input to make necessary improvements to existing technology to satisfy their needs
  • Document plans, actions, requests, and specifications for different telecommunication tasks and report on them regularly
  • Create features, create systems and networks, and allocate resources to these activities
  • Adhere to industry standards, rules, and best practices

Telecommunications Specialist Requirements & Skills

  • Proven Telecommunications Specialist work experience
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office and databases
  • Working knowledge of all telecommunications systems, including peripheral devices ( networks, optical fibre, on-site controllers, data modems, terminals, etc.)
  • Appropriate interpersonal and organisational abilities
  • Team player with a solid commitment to client service
  • A bachelor's degree in computer science, telecommunications, or a related discipline