System Security Expert Job Description Template/Brief

We are looking for a competent system security expert to protect our company's data. You will be in charge of assessing our IT requirements and overall security risk, putting suitable security measures, and responding to security breaches.

You need to be well-versed in cybersecurity, networking systems, and reaction management to be successful. A top-tier system security expert should be able to promptly detect security weaknesses in the network, install suitable security measures, and respond to attacks before they disrupt company operations.

System Security Expert Job Profile

A system security expert ensures the security of software systems, networks, and data centres during the development phases. Professionals must hunt for flaws and dangers in hardware and software. They are in charge of managing and monitoring any assaults and incursions. The system security expert must identify the possible threat or attempted breach and close the security weakness. Firewalls are built into network infrastructures.

Reports To

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Security Officer

System Security Expert Responsibilities

  • Protect information system assets by detecting and resolving potential and absolute security issues
  • Safeguard the system by establishing access rights, control structures, and resources
  • Recognize problems by spotting irregularities and reporting breaches
  • Improve security by examining the present condition, evaluating trends, and forecasting requirements
  • Conducting frequent audits to identify security breaches and inefficiencies
  • Improve the system by putting in place and maintaining security measures
  • Inform users by creating performance reports and reporting system status
  • Maintain service quality by adhering to organizational standards
  • Keep technical knowledge up to date by attending educational programmes and reading publications
  • Contribute to team effort by completing related findings

System Security Expert Requirements & Skills

  • Appropriate education in Computer Science or Computer Engineering
  • In-depth knowledge of various attack vectors such as XSS, injection, hijacking, and social engineering
  • A thorough grasp of cryptographic primitives and the ideas underpinning them
  • In-depth understanding of networking protocols such as TCP/IP
  • In-depth knowledge of HTTP and HTTPS, as well as their underlying implementations
  • Extensive knowledge of Content Delivery Networks and their integration into apps
  • Basic programming skills, including the ability to develop and run scripts from the command line
  • Contributor in the security community
  • Contribute to open-source projects or develops custom security tools
  • Working knowledge of Agile Development techniques
  • Outstanding communication abilities
  • Capability to convert complicated concepts onto paper into simple answers