System Security Engineer Job Description Template/Brief

We are seeking an experienced System Security Engineer to assist us in ensuring the correct degree of security of the company's digital systems and networks. Your responsibilities will involve defending system boundaries, hardening computer systems and network devices against threats, and safeguarding sensitive data.

You should have excellent and broad security skills and a history in security or systems engineering.

System Security Engineer Job Profile

The System Security Engineer is in charge of an organization's computer systems and networks security. The engineer, also known as an Information Security Analyst, instals security solutions that successfully protect critical data in the case of a cyber-attack. The position is very collaborative, requiring frequent interaction with members of the IT team. Upper management is expected to get direct reports from the System Security Engineer

The System Security Engineer should collaborate with the information security team to assist with security tools and technologies such as firewalls, proxy servers, remote access, etc. The expert must document the setups and network designs to aid in the implementation. The System Security Engineer carries out log analysis and other network forensic investigations. They cooperate with good teams when engaging in cyber investigations.

Reports To

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Security Officer

System Security Engineer Responsibilities

  • Conduct security audits and troubleshooting regularly
  • Recognize and solve problems promptly
  • Make suggestions for improvements and put them into action
  • Monitor existing procedures and suggest ways to enhance them
  • Introduce new procedures to improve the company's security system
  • Keep abreast of the newest security technologies and trends
  • Attend relevant conferences and educational activities to remain up to date
  • Collaborate with the development team
  • Conduct frequent audits and provide reports
  • Keep track of the company's server traffic and tickets

System Security Engineer Requirements & Skills

  • A bachelor's degree in computer science or a related discipline
  • Knowledge of how to create and manage security systems
  • Extensive technical understanding of database and operating system security
  • Working knowledge of security systems such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, anti-virus software, authentication systems, log management, content filtering, and so on
  • Working knowledge of network security and networking technologies, as well as system, security, and network monitoring tools
  • In-depth knowledge of the most recent security concepts, methodologies, and protocols
  • Knowledge of web-related technologies (Web applications, Web Services, Service-Oriented Architectures) as well as network/web-related protocols
  • Problem-solving abilities and the ability to function under duress