Solidity Developer Job Description Template/Brief

We are hiring a solidity developer to play a critical role in making blockchain technology and "Defi" accessible and equitable to everyone, everywhere, by making engaging with complex financial and blockchain data more accessible and better and enjoyable.

You will work with a world-class technical team to create and deliver powerful decentralised applications (dapps) for a variety of crypto/Defi use cases (NFTs, staking, lending/borrowing, trading/AMMs) and institutional use cases (digital assets and payments).

You will join an international agile and product team where you will be in charge of delivering solidity smart contracts and dapps to a diverse set of users.

Solidity Developer Job Profile

Solidity is a high-level programming language used to create smart contracts, decentralised apps, and Ethereum scripts that run independently. Like Java or Python, it is a contract-oriented programming language with its own instruction set. It also features a compiler that converts the code into bytecode that the Ethereum Virtual Machine can read (EVM).

Furthermore, Solidity is statically typed and, among other things, enables inheritance, libraries, and sophisticated user-defined types. The language syntax is easy to understand and influenced by languages like C++, Python, and JavaScript.

A Solidity Developer builds and deploys smart contracts for Ethereum-based systems using the object-oriented Solidity language. Solidity is Ethereum's native language, giving businesses total control over starting projects on the Ethereum blockchain network.

Reports To

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Tech Lead
  • Senior Blockchain Developer

Solidity Developer Responsibilities

  • Conduct blockchain research, design, development, and testing on the Ethereum network
  • Using Solidity, create proprietary blockchain technology (services, libraries, and algorithms)
  • Create and deploy high-security technologies (Services, libraries, Algorithms).
  • Creating novel, reusable, tested, and efficient code to develop and support blockchain systems
  • Daily, shipping features both on the front end and the back end
  • Working with a product manager, designer, and engineers to plan and collaborate on features

Solidity Developer Requirements & Skills

  • Understanding of Smart Contracts and consensus techniques, as well as experience developing blockchain apps or proofs-of-concept (POCs) in Solidity on Ethereum
  • Hands-on development expertise in the following areas: Solidity, JavaScript, node.js, and JSON
  • Must have a strong interest in blockchain technology and like learning and developing new and inventive methods to leverage smart contracts on the Ethereum network
  • Understanding of Blockchain architectural design patterns as well as supporting infrastructure
  • Knowledge of ERC20, ERC721, and other protocols
  • In-depth knowledge of blockchain logic
  • Understanding of fundamental encryption mechanisms
  • Participation in Open Source blockchain initiatives is a huge benefit
  • Experience in peer-to-peer networking
  • Familiarity with Test-Driven Development
  • Team Player, with the capacity to work with a worldwide team with enthusiasm and drive
  • Have experience developing well-designed REST APIs
  • Demonstrate good analytical abilities
  • Experience with a Continuous Delivery (CD) development approach
  • Expertise in developing solutions leveraging cloud computing platforms (AWS, Azure, etc.)
  • Knowledge of database technology, such as SQL
  • SQL/NoSQL and how you've utilised them in your projects
  • Working knowledge of at least one Blockchain implementation
  • Understanding of security and cryptography
  • Prior experience working with developing technological sectors and driving new points of view and capabilities
  • Expertise in providing end-to-end solutions (Life Cycle for infrastructure including SDLC)