Project Manager Job Description Template/Brief

We're looking for a highly qualified project manager to assist our firm to expand and preserving its position as an inventive authority. The ideal applicant will have previous production experience, suitable work plan formulation, and progress oversight abilities. They will be expected to regularly create and provide progress updates to relevant management channels, ensuring that the innovation we desire is realised.

Project Manager Job Profile

A project manager is a professional who organises, plans, and executes projects while adhering to deadlines and budgets. Whether operating a marketing campaign, building a building, establishing a computer system, or introducing a new product, the project manager is ultimately accountable for the project's success or failure. Project managers are responsible for directing teams, creating goals, interacting with stakeholders, and overseeing the completion of a project.

Reports To

  • Sr. Project Manager
  • Business Lead

Project Manager Responsibilities

  • Create and maintain procedures for managing scope throughout the project lifecycle, establishing project quality and performance standards, and assessing and managing risk inside and across various projects
  • Build and grow the project team to achieve peak performance by providing direction, purpose, and motivation
  • Manage projects from requirement formulation to deployment, establishing timelines, scopes, budget estimates, and project execution strategies, including risk mitigation
  • Coordination of internal and external resources, ensuring projects stay within range, time, and budget, in coordination with project personnel from various functional divisions
  • Examine project progress and, if needed, adjust content, schedules, and expenses to ensure that the project team complies to project requirements
  • Develop and maintain connections with relevant client stakeholders, including delivering day-to-day updates on project status and modifications
  • Create and maintain integrated, multi-track project performance databases for a variety of digital, print, social, broadcast, and experiential initiatives, with an emphasis on overall progress

Project Manager Requirements & Skills

  • Previous project management experience
  • Practical experience designing web technologies and software platforms for the best usability
  • Proven track record of success dealing with all levels of management
  • Excellent writing and verbal communication abilities
  • Excellent presentation abilities
  • Professional certification, such as the PMP/PRINCE II
  • Previous experience developing deliverable software systems
  • Strict adherence to deadlines and financial constraints
  • Previous experience creating in-house platforms for internal procedures
  • Previous experience teaching and training project teams to improve team members' capabilities and skillsets