Programmer Job Description Template/Brief

We are hiring a technically knowledgeable computer programmer to create and manage our organization's system software and computing infrastructure. Managing system performance, giving tech support, analyzing and upgrading existing programmes, finding and repairing faults, supporting data architecture, creating reports, building in-house software, and limiting possible risks are all responsibilities of the Computer Programmer.

Your programming experience will help our business increase efficiency and service by building, maintaining, and simplifying our computing systems and applications.

Programmer Job Profile

Computer programmers are in charge of developing the code used to create computer software. They are in order of designing a program's workflow, developing the code, testing the program's functioning, and generating documentation for the programme. Computer programmers work in various businesses on projects ranging from app creation to software development and beyond.

A bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering is often required for Computer Programmers; however, companies may waive this requirement if a candidate can demonstrate a superior understanding of the subject. Computer programmers should be well-versed in various programming languages, including Java, Python, C++, and others.

Reports To

  • Senior Computer Programmer
  • Chief Technology Officer

Programmer Responsibilities

  • Work with business analysts and software engineers to create software designs
  • Create programme requirements as well as rudimentary prototypes
  • Convert software ideas and requirements into high-quality code in the suitable programming language
  • Integrate standalone software solutions into higher-level systems
  • When appropriate, use web-based technologies to construct complex SaaS
  • Test code regularly to ensure it provides the desired results, and debug where required
  • Upgrade software and systems to make them more safe and efficient
  • Work with technical writers to generate user assistance documentation

Programmer Requirements & Skills

  • A bachelor's degree in computer science, engineering, or a closely related subject
  • Working knowledge of object-oriented software engineering
  • Proven track record of application development success
  • The ability to develop clean, well-documented code
  • Superior complicated problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities
  • Understanding of SQL and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Excellent troubleshooting and communication abilities
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office tools (Excel, Visio)
  • Analytical and critical thinking ability must be demonstrated.
  • Demonstrated familiarity in OOP languages (Java, C++, and VB.NET
  • Knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and AJAX
  • Prior familiarity with Agile software development approaches