Program Manager Job Description Template/Brief

Our company is looking for a Program Manager to develop, plan, promote, and manage effective programmatic programmes. The ideal candidate knows the variables that drive customer behaviour and can collect and analyse consumer metrics from both real-world and digital data. They should be analytical and focused and have a good understanding of human behaviour and motivating forces.

We're seeking someone to establish customer programmes for our clients for them to attract the correct demographics and for us to generate effective marketing campaigns. This work includes short-term and long-term initiatives that aim to inspire, educate, and attract people from all walks of life.

Program Manager Job Profile

Program managers are in command of assuring that more overall corporate objectives are completed. They coordinate efforts across numerous projects without being personally in control of them.

They instead oversee the primary programme, paying close attention to programme strategy, project delegation, and programme implementation. This manager ensures that all team members understand how to collaborate and coordinate their efforts to achieve a greater goal.

Program managers assist businesses in staying on track, on budget, and ultimately on a path of development and success.

Reports To

  • C Suite

Program Manager Responsibilities

  • Strategise, implement, and sustain programme efforts under organisational goals
  • Create programme evaluation methodologies for evaluation and improvement
  • Uphold organisational satisfaction, quality, and performance requirements
  • Supervise numerous project teams to ensure programme objectives are met
  • Manage budgets and financing sources to maximise productivity
  • Collaborate closely with the project sponsor, cross-functional teams, and assigned project managers to design and establish new initiative scope, deliverables, needed resources, work plan, budget, and scheduling
  • Manage programme and project teams to maximise return on investment, as well as coordinate and delegate cross-project efforts
  • Determine critical requirements from cross-functional teams and external vendors
  • Create and manage project budgets, as well as hold yourself accountable for meeting defined business goals/objectives
  • Collaborate with other programme managers to identify risks and opportunities across several departmental initiatives
  • Analyse, assess, and mitigate programme risks, as well as provide programme reports for management and stakeholders

Program Manager Requirements & Skills

  • A BSc/BA diploma in management or a related discipline
  • Demonstrated experience as a Program Manager or in another managerial role
  • In-depth knowledge of project/program management approaches and procedures
  • Thorough understanding of performance evaluation and change management concepts
  • Strong understanding of Microsoft Office
  • Working knowledge of program/project management tools (Basecamp, MS Project, etc.)
  • Demonstrated leadership and organisational abilities
  • Outstanding communication abilities
  • Superior problem-solving abilities