Product Owner Job Description Template/Brief

We are hiring a Product Owner to help our scrum team manage, prioritise, and analyse work.

Gathering feature requests, scheduling releases, and managing sprints are all tasks of the Product Owner. You should be able to recognise user demands and collaborate with cross-functional teams to drive product releases to be successful in this job.

Product Owner Job Profile

A product owner collaborates with stakeholders and end-users to picture the project's final direction, usually accomplished through approaches such as early user interaction studies and A/B testing. These sorts of feedback are the responsibility of product owners since they indicate how users engage with the product and which functionalities consumers perceive to be the most significant.

The product owner compares such information to the company goals and then works to optimise the product's value. The product owner creates a vision for a product's purpose and operation, allowing this Scrum team member to describe product features and split those features down into product backlog items.

Reports To

  • C Suite

Product Owner Responsibilities

  • Work with prospective users and clients to understand and anticipate their needs, translated into product requirements
  • Create a vision for the team's product
  • Make a product road map premised on this vision
  • Manage the product backlog and prioritise it per changing requirements
  • Supervise all stages of product development, including design and development
  • Create user stories
  • Track and assess product progress at each level of the process
  • Communicate with the product team and end-users to offer updates
  • Attend Scrum meetings and product sprints

Product Owner Requirements & Skills

  • A bachelor's or master's degree in computer science, business, the management or comparable experience
  • Technical expertise balanced with business acumen
  • Customer-first, ABCD thinking mindset
  • Proactive, self-starter with outstanding project management abilities and the ability to manage many projects successfully
  • Strong communication skills, as well as the ability to engage, persuade and inspire partners and stakeholders to achieve cooperation and alignment
  • Excellent organisational skills, individual initiative, and personal accountability
  • A track record of delivering data-driven solutions with a customer-first mentality
  • Proven track record of delivering products or services in collaboration with engineering teams, as well as a high level of expertise in prototyping, iterative development, and grasp of Agile concepts
  • Proven track record of effectively driving end-to-end delivery of data and intelligence solutions, covering a wide range of methods such as dashboards, APIs, real-time alerts, and so on